The De-gouz-a-phone Chant
Murky Dismal

Oh, it's sure to ruin Rainbow's Day
when I make the Peacock a murky gray

And every Hyena in the zoo will laugh
when I take the color from that giant Giraffe

The Leopard no longer will delight the tots
when he's nothing but a bunch of big gray spots

Miss. Rainbow will scream and Twink will pout
When the gold of the Conure is all washed out

And now for the Camel with his magnificent hump
He'll look so much better as a big gray lump

That Siberian Tiger's yellow will melt
and his fur will make a perfect gray pelt

Everyone thinks this Iguana looks keen
So I'll him gray instead of green

The Bongo's color will disappear fast
and it's new gloomy color will last and last and last

Oh Rainbow Brite, I doubt you can
stop me from de-gouz-a phoning this toucan