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Record Album
Charities: March of Dimes
Rainbow Brite

Voice Acting

Record Album

1: The last we spoke you were releasing an album "Lucky Girl" after winning American Idol Underground. What do you have in store next? Any promotions? tours?

Bettina: Yes, lots in store! The new single is #9 on the Billboard charts this week (yay!!!), and the new album actually hasn’t yet been released, it’s still being worked on. I’m really excited to get it completed and definitely want to perform the new music live on a tour. We previewed some of the songs for audiences on last year’s tour and they really got into them, so I can’t wait to get back out there with more.

2: As a singer you have a unique sound, for you keep it classic. I have noticed you concentrate on strength as well as style. Your lyrics are powerful and meaningful. In Lucky Girl you had a particular message. Would you say that message is the same in this new album? Or has it grown?

Bettina: First, thank you for that. I would have to say that songwriting has always been an internal journey for me and I would hope the message has grown. I’ve sat down to write and have surprised myself with the subject matter and what I’ve been inspired to express. At the end of the day, it boils down to the core truth of what I’m feeling, or witnessing in others, and delivering it in a way that is unique to me yet resonates universally.

3: You travel often with many people. Any current friends you have made given you any new advice or life lessons?

Bettina: I learn from my friends everyday! I love them so much, I’m constantly learning from them, l can’t begin to tell you how many times they’ve saved me from the big bad world.
The best piece of advice I’ve gotten on the road is “It Do Matta!” (That was an inside joke for my band and crew.)
When people show you who they are, believe them the first time.” That’s a recent one and a tough one for me, but an important one that I needed to hear.

Charities: The March of Dimes

1: Tell us about your work with the March Of Dimes. When did you get involved and why?

Bettina: My childhood best friend’s lifelong dream was to marry Mr. Right and become a mom. We were so excited when she got married and soon after was pregnant with triplets. The babies were born more than a trimester premature and everyone’s life was in danger at some point, including my friend’s. If it hadn’t been for the work done by the March Of Dimes, those babies would not be the happy, healthy kids they are today, and my best friend’s dream would have been shattered. She has two boys and a girl, my Goddaughter Ellie. Thanks to the March of Dimes, a happy ending to what could easily have been a tragic story. Giving back to the March Of Dimes is just the right thing to do to say thank you.

2: Are there any other charities you are a part of?

Bettina: My mom raised us to always be involved in something charitable, so yes I do my best to support causes I believe in as time and resources allow. The March Of Dimes remains my commitment and primary focus.


1: Your family is important to you for I have heard you sing about it often, who would you say you look up to the most in your family?

Bettina: My parents. My dad has accomplished things no one before him ever could, while keeping his ethics and integrity intact, and my mom is a beautiful example of what love and support really mean.

2: Would you say you were a good role model?

Bettina: I don’t think it’s my place to make that determination. I’m just trying to make choices that would not embarrass my parents!

Rainbow Brite

1: I'm sure you have heard of the new market for the 25th anniversary release of the franchise. As the fan of all fans, what are you looking forward to the most? Characters?

Bettina: All of it!!! There are so many creative ways they could go, look at all of the great tribute art that fans do! I’m really looking forward to the new imagery.

2: The new image of Rainbow Brite looks much different but still familiar to us. Would you want to be approached to voice her if the offer came again?

Bettina: I love Rainbow Brite, voicing a new image of her would be awesome.

3: What is one of your favourite memories of being part of the cast?

Bettina: Attending the premiere of the feature film. As a child it was just so much larger than life, I loved hearing the audience react to the story and getting caught up in it myself, meeting people like editors that I normally don’t get to meet, and of course seeing my name on the big screen. So cool.

4: Do you have a particular memento from then that you keep? What is it?

Bettina: Yep I have some of my scripts, which I intend to keep forever, and I have a bunch of the original toys.

5: Did you ever watch the episodes you were in? What did you think of them? Is there an episode or scene that you did that you enjoyed the most?

Bettina: Yes, I’ve caught them on tv or been around kids who are watching them. I get a huge kick out of Murky & Lurky, mostly because I used to LOVE watching Pat Fraley do Lurky in person. I’d giggle til my stomach hurt.

Voice Acting

1: A lot of people want to get involved with voice acting. Do you have any tips that may help them?

Bettina: Get comfortable with hearing your voice and listening back objectively. Get unbiased opinions from others and take classes.

2: When making a demo: sounds or music or none?

Bettina: Everything. The more it sounds like a clip you’d hear on tv or the radio, the better.

3: Is there a trick with both singing or acting that helps you get ready vocally?

Bettina: For me the best trick is staying relaxed and hydrated.

4: In your history it shows you have done both original animation and dubbing. What do you think of those? Is dubbing easier?

Bettina: I love dubbing, it’s like a game to me. I look at a lot of things in voice-over like a kid would for obvious reasons. That serves me well with dubbing, it’s not easier just different. Having to get the timing, emotion, and character to all sync up with the screen is like playing a video game against the computer – and I’m very competitive with myself!

5: Do you listen to the original voice track before you do a dub?

Bettina: Yes.

6: Is recording for a dub or video game different then for an animated show?

Bettina: It can be, a lot of times it depends on the director’s style.

7: You have added a list of new roles. Any of them your most memorable?

Bettina: I really enjoy voice-matching for Jada Pinkett Smith as Gloria the Hippo in Madagascar. She’s such a fun character and the video games and commercials have given me great platforms for ad-libbing and hamming it up.

8: Do you consider going to conventions?

Bettina: I do, but the timing hasn’t worked out.

9: Do you have a favorite Video Game or Comic?

Bettina: I kick butt at Guitar Hero and Rock Band!