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The Actor
Voice Acting (Rainbow Brite)
Voice Acting (General)

Mona Marshall

The Actor

First I want to say hello, and thank you for taking the time to answer these questions for fans. Before we get to the actor questions, I want to get more familiar with you as a person.

1: What does your family think of your career choice?

Mona Marshall: My husband thinks it's wonderful because I love doing it.

2: Is there anyone close to you whom you have inspired take the same path?

Mona Marshall: There is a young lady I currently am helping, but she had already started to do V.O. (Voice Over)

3: When you aren't acting, what re some of your favorite hobbies?

Mona Marshall: I have a non-profit reading project, Mind Magic that helps children attach images to what they read. I am also an artist (MALKI) and I write.

4: Do you like to travel? If so, where is your favorite place to go?

Mona Marshall: Not much of a traveler. Like to walk anywhere there are trees, grass, and rocks.

5: Is there a place you want to visit, but haven't?

Mona Marshall: Ireland, perhaps

6: Do you use a personal computer? If so, do you prefer MAC or PC?

Mona Marshall: I'm a MAC user.

7: While on the job, what are some of your favorite snacks or beverages to have with you?

Mona Marshall: Diet Coke and carrots.

Voice Acting (Rainbow Brite)

1: Often companies will have you voice several characters, in Rainbow Brite, you played Red Butler, Patty O'Green, and Canary Yellow. Are there any other characters in the series that you voiced for that we don't know about?

Mona Marshall: I don't recall.

2: Rainbow Brite released two record albums in the 1980's. (Paint a Rainbow in Your Heart, and Christmas). In "Paint a Rainbow in Your Heart" Patty O'Green sang with Rainbow Brite. Bettina did the voice of Rainbow, but did you sing for Patty O'Green?

Mona Marshall: I think so – I've sung for so many animation characters – but I don't know for sure.

3: Rainbow Brite began as specials, and later became a feature film. Was the recording different between the two productions or were they the same? (Same studio, all recording together, or separately?)

Mona Marshall: I think we did them at the same studio which is no longer in business.

4: Do you have any memorabilia from that time?

Mona Marshall: Yes, I have some little dolls of my characters and a few cells and some written material.

Voice Acting (General)

Pat Fraley Teaching

1: You have been in acting for a long time, and you have come a long way in your roles. From when you began acting, to now, what are some things that you have learned that have made it easier?

Mona Marshall: Mostly to be “present” in the characters. I've always tried to do that, but experience makes it easier.

2: Often young boys are voiced by women. What is the difference in voicing for a boy character?

Mona Marshall: What's the difference between how boys and girls think and act. When I'm a boy I inhabit that “male consciousness” and same for girls. It affects all aspects of the roles.

3: Are there any tips you can give others coming into voice acting?

Mona Marshall: Be a sponge: study and be open to everything around you – it's all part of learning. Love the process – it makes everything better.

4: Do you have any favorite roles that you have played before?

Mona Marshall: Wow! I tend to think my favorite roles is the one I'm working on.

5: Do you participate in fan convention or public appearances?

Mona Marshall: Not usually. It takes me away from V.O. work. However, under the right circumstances I would consider it.

Thank you so much for participating in this interview, and I look forward to interviewing with you again in the future.

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