BabyDoll (aka LindaJean) is one of the first Custom Doll Makers who has allowed us to feature her great work making custom characters and re-creating rare dolls. 

BabyDoll's first custom was a Moonglow, which she created by looking at a small picture from an advertisement and re-creating it by look. Her sewing skills at the time were simple stitches and basic sewing. However her attention to detail and dedication to accuracy as made her customs some of the most lovely found.

She test boundaries and even created custom dolls that are OOAK (One of a Kind). 

Some time ago however, BabyDoll retired from “Rainbow Brite” customs and has moved on to full size costumes, and sculptures.


Note: BabyDoll is looking for an item she would be willing to "trade" a custom for!

If you have a MIB Hard Body Starlite Horse, Babydoll would be interested in trading any custom for it. If you have one, and are willing to trade, please contact this us using the contact page on this site with your request.


List of All Baby Doll's Customs:

Rainbow Brite Characters:

Dark Princess

Baby Brite (10" version)

Original Designed Characters

Misty Pearl

Ebony Rose


Dawn and Twilight

Goldie and Silvie


Holiday/Season Inspired

Comic Book Themed Characters

Custom and Original Sprites


In addition to her custom collection which can be found on this site, she also collects the original dolls.

Here are some photos from her personal Rainbow Brite non-custom-collection.


Baby Dolls Collection Baby Dolls CollectionBaby Dolls Collection Baby Dolls Collection Baby Dolls Collection Baby Dolls CollectionBaby Dolls Collection Baby Dolls Collection Baby Dolls Collection

Baby Dolls Collection

Baby Dolls Collection