The Rainbow Brite Community is filled with many talented people. One of those is RainbowBrite.Co.Uk's SunSpire. He recreated a few of the themes and melodies found in the Rainbow Brite Movie and TV Show. He has given us permission to share these themes with fans.

[MP3] Rainbow Night Theme: This theme is from the Episode "Rainbow Night" which features the Rainbow Brite Theme using a lovely music box like tone. Recreated by SunSpire

[MP3] Sprites Theme: This theme is usually found whenever the Sprites are on screen. It's has a lovely nostagic feel.

[MP3] German Rainbow Brite Theme: This theme is located on the German Rainbow Brite tapes and has been recreated.

[MP3] A New Hope: This song does not contain melodies or music from the original show, but was written as a Tribute to Rainbow Brite by SunSpire

[MP3] Rainbow Brite and Me (2002) Instrumental: One of SunSpires most popular tracks was him recreating the Rainbow Brite and Me Theme. Here is the early instrumental of that song.

Helen Brockway

One of the most rewarding accomplishments is to inspire others. SunSpire of did just this when he created his remake of “Rainbow Brite and Me”, and YouTube music artist Helen Brockway (AKA Indigomoonshadow) takes it a step further. Helen took the Karaoke version of Rainbow Brite and Me, and took it to a new level with her charming vocals. Her harmonies and mixing of this song are inspired.

You can hear Helen in her video below, or on her YouTube channel. However to get the best quality, please download the MP3. (right-click + save as) 


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If you would like to do a cover of Rainbow Brite and Me, please see download the Karaoke version of the song, and let us know.

We hope you all have a Rainbow Day!

Longtime Rainbow Brite Fan SunSpire created his own version of the "Rainbow Brite and Me" music and had it sung by fan "Tonia M Bartz".

You too can download the song or karaoke version of this song.

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Lyrics by: Howard R Cohen

Music Arranged by: SunSpire

As promised here is the full score I've written for the first tape, there are 14 songs and the total playing time is 41:10 minutes. Some of them have evolved over the years from short jingles to full length songs. They are in the same order as they appear in the story and are named after each chapter.

RB Story Tape OST Vol. I

Track Listing:

01. beginning (3:15)

02. land of darkness (1:59)

03. sun's appearance part 1 (5:37)

04. dark forest (1:06)

05. lava landscape (4:45)

06. fearful place (1:52)

07. murky's cave (1:52)

08. iceworld (3:45)

09. rocky pass (1:49)

10. murky's wrath (1:20)

11. glowing stars (2:42)

12. against the wind (4:42)

13. cave of the color belt (1:21)

14. a glimpse of hope (3:16)


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You're more than welcome to spread these over the net, but it would be nice if you could give me credit in case you host them on your website.

I hope you enjoy!! :)