Mona Marshall As our search continues for more behind the scenes information and mysteries to solve, we were happy to contact Mrs Mona Marshall. Mona is the voice of many Rainbow Brite characters, but most notably her role of Red Butler, Patty O'Green and Canary Yellow.

Mona Marshall

With a strong career that expands over many years, she has brought many other roles to life and is now doing her part to give back and enrich children today with her Non-Profit program "MIND MAGIC ™". Click the link below to read her thoughts on Voice Acting and being such lovable characters and how she does it!

Please click here to read her interview.


Stefanie EskanderStefanie Eskander is a toy designer who was in the Mattel Design Team: "Large & Small Doll Group" from 1985 to 1986 and was one of those responsible for the Rainbow Brite Dress Up Doll line

Today she is a designer for Spin Master, Inc. designing for the Liv line of dolls.

With 25 years of designing experience, and having designed one of the Rainbow Brite fan favorite dolls "Moonglow", it is a great pleasure to learn more about how the industry works from a woman who was there from the beginning.

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Scott MenvilleVoice Actor Scott Menville, the voice of Brian from the Rainbow Brite animated show and movie decided to share some information with fans about  himself, acting and more.

"Funny, I do still remember him greeting his dog and saying sadly, "Hi boy. No, I didn't make the team." It's strange, some of the lines of dialogue that remain in an actor's brain over time." ~ Scott Menville of his playing Brian

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Pat FraleyWhen it comes to voices we heard as children, and even voices our own children hear today, you can bet that among them you will find Pat Fraley.

Rainbow Brite, Ghostbusters, The Littles, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, Toy Story, Princess Mononoke, and the list keeps GOING.

He isn't afraid to be goofy, nurturing, scary, a voice in the crowd cheering or jeering. He plays the parts, no matter the size and brings life to scenes with his vocal presence.

A talented and vertical Voice Actor, Pat has expanded his influence to those he touches by teaching voice actors today.

If you want to know more about Pat or where he is teaching, please visit his site PatFraley.Com

Pat was the voice of Lurky and many other characters in Rainbow Brite. He was kind enough to interview with us in 2009. Please click here to read his interview.

Bettina Childhood HeadshotRainbow Brite was a creative, colorful little girl who brought color and happiness to the world, but she couldn't have done it without the little girl who first gave Rainbow Brite her voice. This little voice was that of Bettina, a child voice actor from the early 1980's. She gave Rainbow Brite her personality and character, and even sang on the Rainbow Brite record albums. Now all grown up, Bettina hasn't forgotten where she came from and we haven't forgotten her. She is a huge supporter of Rainbow Brite fans, and even gave us some interviews in the past that we wanted to share with you.

Lucky Girl CDThe first interview was done back in 2004, right around the release of the Rainbow Brite 20th anniversary dolls. Here she discussed a lot of voice acting, and what she has been up to since. Please click here to read her interview

The second interview with Bettina was in 2009, around the release of the 25th anniversary line. Here she discusses more about what she has been up to musically. Please click here to read her interview.