9 inch Rainbow Brite Doll9 inch Red Butler Doll9 inch Canary Yellow Doll9 inch Patty OGreen Doll


The 2004 Rainbow Brite Relaunch in honor of her 20th anniversary was the original Rainbow Brite Characters we were all familiar with back in the 1980's with a new selection of dolls and play sets.

The Characters released in this launch were 

Rainbow Brite
Red Butler
Canary Yellow
Patty O'Green

It is believed a lot of this was sparked by the success of the Hot Topic exclusive doll released which mimicked the 1980's version nearly perfect.

 20th Anniversary Rainbow Brite Doll

Do you remember the RainbowBrite.Com website from NickJr?
We do, and now you can too, click the picture links below to see the site or play the “Catch a falling star” game. Both have been unseen since they were removed years ago!

The RainbowBrite.Com/NickJr site from 2003.

NOTE: Only the main site was saved. All sub pages are not accessible. Sorry.

In 2003/2004, Hallmark along with NickJr created a new RainbowBrite.Com website. Being fans of the sites we saved an original backup of the first site before it was removed. On the site there was a game called "Catch the Falling Stars!". For your enjoyment we have uploaded a copy of this game for you to play!

Have fun!