For the first time ever, Rainbow Brite fan-favorite Stormy is available in a doll for you to own!


Who is Stormy?

Stormy in Star StealerStormy Doll by MattelStormy is a little girl who is in charge of the winter weather. Very much the opposite of Rainbow Brite, she lives in the storm clouds and brings the winter to Earth.

The character was first introduced in the Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer film, November 1985. The character later appeared in several episodes of the Rainbow Brite TV show and a Mattel doll was prototyped but never released.

Now for the first time in 30 years, fans young and old can own their very own Stormy doll!

The Doll:

16 inches high, cartoon accurate details. Lightinging bolts on her hair, dress and shoes, green and blue layered dress. She's sassy and classy and just in time for Christmas!

Click here to buy Stormy: $34.95 each!

Wait! She's not alone!

You can't have Stormy with out her best friend and faithful steed, Skydancer!

Who is Skydancer?

time for spring 15 20100810 1920767845Rainbow Brite has Starlite, Tickled Pink has Sunriser, and Stormy has Skydancer. Skydancer is a wintry wonder, with thick purple coat and fur lined hooves to gallop through the storm clouds with Stormy and the race to spring.


The Skydancer Plush: Like Starlite which came before, this plush horse is 11 inches with dark fur, fuzzy hooves, yarn hair and embroidered lighting bolt on his forehead. 

Click here to order Skydancer $19.95 each!


Buy this set together and complete your Rainbow Brite collection today!

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