Below is a list of the Rainbow Brite English Voice Cast. More information about these people, and the show will be available in the "Rainbow Brite Wiki".

* Indicates an exclusive interview with the actor. Click the year to read the interview.

Bettina* (Rainbow Brite) (2004) (2009)

Patrick Fraley* (Lurky / Buddy Blue) (2009)

Peter Cullen (Murky Dismal)

Robbie Lee (Twink / Shy Violet / Indigo / La La Orange / Sprites)

Andre Stojka (Starlite)

David Mendenhall (Krys)

Rhonda Aldrich (Dark Princess / Moonglow / Tickled Pink)

Les Tremayne [1913–2003] (Orin / Bombo / TV announcer)

Mona Marshall* (Red Butler / Patty O'Green / Canary Yellow) (2012)

Jonathan Harris [1914–2002] (Count Blogg)

Marissa Mendenhall

Scott Menville* (Brian) (2010)

Charles Adler (Popo)

David Workman (Sargeant Zombo)