Celebrate the Return of Rainbow Brite and help make the world a brighter place by sharing a photo of your best Rainbow Brite inspired outfit or costume. Whether the photo is of you, your child or a throwback to the 80's - we want to see your best sunny side photos.

To enter, upload your photo directly (click here) or share via Instagram or Twitter with #RainbowBrite and tag @Hallmark.

The winner will receive the ultimate Rainbow Brite prize pack featuring the latest Rainbow Brite products from Hallmark and autographed collectables. Average Reward Value (ARV):$225

Contest runs from Oct 3rd - 31st

Click here to read official rules.

Hey fans,

We are wanting to share the rainbow with the world, but we need your help. On Facebook please like our page, share this picture and you could win your very own Twink Mini Backpack! One lucky winner, chosen at random, will get their own mini Twink Back pack! (Anyone from around the world can enter!) The winner will be chosen in one month from today! Please note: You have to click the SHARE link for the "Share" to count!

Share Like Win!

The Mini Backpack is a great companion for any Rainbow Brite costume or as a purse or school bag.

Thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing you on facebook!

Good Luck and Share the Rainbow!

UPDATE: Thank you to everyone for playing! We selected a fan at random and the winner is Angie Kemp! Congratulations! Please message us with your information so we can send you your prize! For those who didn't win: we have more prizes to share with you, so keep an eye out!


This time of year is a special reminder to a lot of people about the happiness of giving and sharing with others.

We want to show fans how wonderful you are too. The first part of friendship is friends, remember? And for being our friend we want to give you a special holiday gift. An autographed Bettina CD "An American Christmas"

How do you win it?
It's easy. Be our friend on facebook and play a little game.

1: Everyday until December 2nd we will ask a question on our facebook page.
2: Answer the questions and share it with others. Have your friends "like" our page and "like" your answers.
3: Each time you answer it's another chance to win.


Current Questions:
Giveaway Question #1: What comes next? Have fun with your answers and finish this sentence: Never underestimate the power of ...
Giveaway Question #2: What comes next? Finish this Sentence: You know you're a Rainbow Brite fan when...
Giveaway Question #3: In Rainbow Land, what kind of sweets do you think a Sprite would eat? 
Giveaway Question #4: Whose team are you on? Team Rainbow Brite, Team Tickled Pink, Team Moonglow, or Team Stormy!
Giveaway Question #5: If you were to clean Lurky's bedroom, what do you think you would find under his bed?
Giveaway Question/Challenge #6: Shout to the Colors! Friends Far and Near! Can you write a "Rainbow Brite" cheer?!
Giveaway Question #7: What is the first Rainbow Brite item you remember owning? Where is it now?
Giveaway Question #8: What is your favorite quote from Rainbow Brite, and what episode was it said?
Giveaway Question #9: On what OTHER cartoon do you think Rainbow Brite would have fun visiting and why?
Giveaway Question #10: You're Rainbow Land's "Secret Santa": Who would you buy a gift for, and what would you get them?
Giveaway Question #11: If Rainbow Brite went on vacation, where do you think she would go?
Giveaway Question #12:What is a "Rainbow Brite" item (past or present) that you would want for Christmas?

How is a winner chosen?
Each answered question is 1 entry. The answers with the most "liked" comment is a bonus entry. You have a chance to have 24 entries if you answer every day and get the most likes.

Out of all the entries we will draw 2 at random. The 1st winner will win the grand prize, the autographed Bettina "An American Christmas" CD single. The second will also win an autographed Bettina CD single of a different title.

Remember, the last day to enter is December 2 2011.

UPDATE: December 5th 2011

  • Your winners are: Alicia Kuhnau (1st place) and Tara Lynn (2nd Place)
NOTE: This is an independent contest run by www.rainbowbrite.co.uk and is not affiliated, sponsored, nor endorsed by Bettina Bush, her record company, Hallmark Cards, Incorporated or its subsidiaries. 

Thanks so much for those who sent in scores for the Rainbow Brite "Rainbow Rescue" contest. We hope you found the game as fun as we did.

The Winner is:

Will and his high score of 4500 points!

Way to go Will!

Rainbow Rescue High Score Contest Winner

Thanks again for being a part of this contest and we hope to have more soon!

Have a Rainbow Day!

We want to give away a new Rainbow Brite Bracelet/Wristband to anyone who wants to play.

Spencers Classic Rainbow Bracelet

If you are under 18 years old, please get your parent or guardian's permission

Here is how it works:

  • Go to  www.rainbowbrite.com
  • Select Games and Activities
  • Select “Rainbow Rescue” game
  • Play it!

After you have finished your game you will get a winning screen that looks like this

Winning Screen

If you don't know how to take a screenshot, please follow these instructions:

  • Find your “Print Screen” or “PRT SC” button on your keyboard and press the FN or Ctrl Key and the Print Screen Button.
  • Open windows Paint or any other image software you may have and paste the image into an empty document.
  • Using the “select” tool or crop tool in your program, cut away all the background image leaving ONLY the score page.
  • Select file and save your image.

Email your score to us at the contest email address or post your scores on our Facebook page here.

Please include your name with your entry. If you do post your entry on Facebook, please email us so that we can contact you later.

Contest is open to all ages, all countries.

One entry per person.

Whoever has the highest score at the end of the month (January 31 2011 12 Midnight PST) will win a new Classic Rainbow Brite Rubber Bracelet/Wrisband.


NOTE: This is an independent contest run by www.rainbowbrite.co.uk and is not affiliated, sponsored, nor endorsed by Hallmark Cards, Incorporated or its subsidiaries.