Be a StarGreetings fans!

Last year the site had a "Fan Art" contest, which resulted in many new Rainbow Brite Fan Arts being created. 3 lucky fans received prizes for their original ideas.

We are wanting to do a new contest this year, something quicker then the last, with more fan participation.

The Idea:
A Coloring Contest: We would provide a picture page for you to color, and you color it. No need to draw, just LOVE color!
It would be broken into groups by age, and featuring your own coloring talents.

(ages 7 years and under)
Tweens (ages 8 years to 12 years)
Teens (ages 13 years to 17 years)
Grown-ups (ages 18 years and older)


We are still ironing out the information for this contest, but if you, your children, or friend think this is a good idea give this topic a "Thumbs Up", Comment, Share it with others!!!

We look forward hearing from you!
Share the Rainbow and Have a Rainbow Day!