Be a StarThank you very much to the lovely group of fans who sent in colored pictures for the coloring contest!


We gave time for mailed in, emailed and other entries. If you sent in an entry and it was not listed on our Facebook page then it was not received. We are sorry, but please stay in touch because we have much more we want to give to you in the future!



  • Group 1: (ages 7 years and under) : Lily (age 3 ½)
  • Group 2: (ages 8 years to 12 years) : Ciara (age 9)
  • Group 3: (Void: No entries received)
  • Group 4: (18 years or older) : Michelle(Age 26)


Because there was no entries for group 3, we took a random drawing from ALL entries for a Bonus winner.

  • Bonus Winner: Adrena (age 5 ½)


We are wanting to get all winners prizes sent out before Christmas!

If you haven't gotten a confirmation email

please email us at contest[removeforspam]!


Thank you again for sharing the rainbow and have a wonderful holiday!


NOTE: This is an independent contest run by and is not affiliated, sponsored, nor endorsed by Hallmark Cards, Incorporated or its subsidiaries. All winners were chosen at random.

View all entries here!

Be a StarIt's time for a contest!


Here in Rainbow Land, we like to keep others creative, and we want you to create a picture to be featured here on the website as well as win a prize!


Here is how it works:

  1. go to
  2. Select the "Games and Activities" section and go to the Coloring Book.
  3. Select: Rainbow Brite.
  4. Print your own page and decorate it!

You are welcome to color your picture with any way you like, including but not limited to: Crayons, markers, ink pens, digital/photoshop, etc

After you are finished decorating your picture, email us the finished image, or mail it to us (address available in the official rules linked here).

UPDATE: You can photograph and email us a picture of your image if you do not have a scanner. Please make sure the image is clear and no objects in the way of the image before sending.


You will submit to one of the 4 age groups listed below:

Group 1 (ages 7 years and under)
Group 2 (ages 8 years to 12 years)
Group 3 (ages 13 years to 17 years)
Group 4 (ages 18 years and older)


All entries must be colored by the person submitting the entry. This is an international website, so it doesn't matter where you are from! Submit your entry at a chance to win a neat prize!

  • A 2010 Rainbow Brite Poster!

All contact information and details are located in the official rules, so please review them. If you have any questions please contact us directly at the email address provided in the rules. Share the rainbow and this contest with others!


On your mark!!! Get Set!!!! GO!!!!

NOTE: This is an independent contest run by and is not affiliated, sponsored, nor endorsed by Hallmark Cards, Incorporated or its subsidiaries.

Be a StarGreetings fans!

Last year the site had a "Fan Art" contest, which resulted in many new Rainbow Brite Fan Arts being created. 3 lucky fans received prizes for their original ideas.

We are wanting to do a new contest this year, something quicker then the last, with more fan participation.

The Idea:
A Coloring Contest: We would provide a picture page for you to color, and you color it. No need to draw, just LOVE color!
It would be broken into groups by age, and featuring your own coloring talents.

(ages 7 years and under)
Tweens (ages 8 years to 12 years)
Teens (ages 13 years to 17 years)
Grown-ups (ages 18 years and older)


We are still ironing out the information for this contest, but if you, your children, or friend think this is a good idea give this topic a "Thumbs Up", Comment, Share it with others!!!

We look forward hearing from you!
Share the Rainbow and Have a Rainbow Day!