Bettina Childhood HeadshotRainbow Brite was a creative, colorful little girl who brought color and happiness to the world, but she couldn't have done it without the little girl who first gave Rainbow Brite her voice. This little voice was that of Bettina, a child voice actor from the early 1980's. She gave Rainbow Brite her personality and character, and even sang on the Rainbow Brite record albums. Now all grown up, Bettina hasn't forgotten where she came from and we haven't forgotten her. She is a huge supporter of Rainbow Brite fans, and even gave us some interviews in the past that we wanted to share with you.

Lucky Girl CDThe first interview was done back in 2004, right around the release of the Rainbow Brite 20th anniversary dolls. Here she discussed a lot of voice acting, and what she has been up to since. Please click here to read her interview

The second interview with Bettina was in 2009, around the release of the 25th anniversary line. Here she discusses more about what she has been up to musically. Please click here to read her interview.