As promised here is the full score I've written for the first tape, there are 14 songs and the total playing time is 41:10 minutes. Some of them have evolved over the years from short jingles to full length songs. They are in the same order as they appear in the story and are named after each chapter.

RB Story Tape OST Vol. I

Track Listing:

01. beginning (3:15)

02. land of darkness (1:59)

03. sun's appearance part 1 (5:37)

04. dark forest (1:06)

05. lava landscape (4:45)

06. fearful place (1:52)

07. murky's cave (1:52)

08. iceworld (3:45)

09. rocky pass (1:49)

10. murky's wrath (1:20)

11. glowing stars (2:42)

12. against the wind (4:42)

13. cave of the color belt (1:21)

14. a glimpse of hope (3:16)


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You're more than welcome to spread these over the net, but it would be nice if you could give me credit in case you host them on your website.

I hope you enjoy!! :)