The Rainbow Brite Community is filled with many talented people. One of those is RainbowBrite.Co.Uk's SunSpire. He recreated a few of the themes and melodies found in the Rainbow Brite Movie and TV Show. He has given us permission to share these themes with fans.

[MP3] Rainbow Night Theme: This theme is from the Episode "Rainbow Night" which features the Rainbow Brite Theme using a lovely music box like tone. Recreated by SunSpire

[MP3] Sprites Theme: This theme is usually found whenever the Sprites are on screen. It's has a lovely nostagic feel.

[MP3] German Rainbow Brite Theme: This theme is located on the German Rainbow Brite tapes and has been recreated.

[MP3] A New Hope: This song does not contain melodies or music from the original show, but was written as a Tribute to Rainbow Brite by SunSpire

[MP3] Rainbow Brite and Me (2002) Instrumental: One of SunSpires most popular tracks was him recreating the Rainbow Brite and Me Theme. Here is the early instrumental of that song.