Paint a Rainbow in Your Heart Album

Featuring your favorite Rainbow Brite Characters singing some catchy, and over all wonderful Rainbow Land songs!

Humm along with the sprites as they sing "Bink Bonk" or "Prismatism". Share the meaning of friendship with Rainbow Brite and her friend Patty O'Green. This album is a treat to listen to over and over again!

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Paint a Rainbow In Your Heart
Rainbow Brite Paint a Rainbow in your Heart Album Cover


[MP3] [LYRICS] Make Room For A Rainbow Inside

[MP3] [LYRICS] In The Twink Of An Eye

[MP3] [LYRICS] The Pits

[MP3] [LYRICS] Starlite-Rainbow Brite

[MP3] [LYRICS] Rainbow Land


[MP3] [LYRICS] Prismatism

[MP3] [LYRICS] A Color Symphony

[MP3] [LYRICS] The First Part Of Friendship is "Friends"

[MP3] [LYRICS] Bink! Bonk!

[MP3] [LYRICS] Paint A Rainbow In Your Heart