Hey Rainbow Brite Fans,

If you view my Intagram I will sometimes post pictures of things I use that are Rainbow Brite related. My favorite thing is my mug/coffee cup.

Last year teases of a mug by TruffleShuffle.com came out, and I knew I had seen the pattern before. It was a marching Rainbow Brite and Twink that can be seen on Zazzle.com.

I've reviewed Zazzle items previously, but I was inspired to order my own custom mug from them using the same pattern, and making my own adjustments. That's the fun of Zazzle.com, is you can customize your orders.  I will be posting a video of how I do this below.

You will need some help though, I will include the art I used here: Mug Stripe

This art is the one I used for my mug. Feel free to add stars or words and make it your own!

Don't forget you can also buy a mug from TruffleShuffle.com here!

Have fun and have a Rainbow Day!