November 15th 2015

Renee 1985

November 15th 1985:The day Rainbow Brite took to the big screen in her first full length feature film. She had a lot of competition that year, playing along side other holiday classics like Santa Claus the Movie with Dudley Moore. I remember going to the movie with my family. The movies were a family event for me. Every one packed in our little blue Pinto and we went to our local Carmike. I sat in the dark theater and looked up at the screen in pure awe of the details, shining lights and magic of Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer. 

I remember my dad gave me an my sister a copy of the DC Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer comic when we got home. They had given it to him as we checked in and he had hid it in his pocket and show it to us when we got home. I loved my Rainbow Brite comic and kept it for many years until it was destroyed when I moved when I was 12. It broke by heart, but luckily the comic still lives. You can see it on eBay often.

A couple of years ago I had a chance to meet Bettina Bush, the voice of Rainbow Brite, and I gave her a copy of the comic. She didn't know there was a comic and gladly accepted it for her collection. So yes, folks. Rainbow Brite is a DC Character. She's up there with with it! LOL

Anyway, being the 30th anniversary of the film I wanted to do something nice. It would take too long to re-ink the comic, as I had previously meant to do, so I used screen shots from the film and recreated page one. Here it is, in a side by side to enjoy.

Happy Anniversary Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer!