United Media shows high hopes for the new Rainbow Brite line. Here is a quote from their artical.

On Rainbow Brite’s new look, Diana Stuart, creative vice-president for Hallmark Properties, says “Rainbow Brite is returning to Rainbow Land as a 10-year-old girl after spending some years back home on Earth with her family. We wanted to bring her back older, stronger, and wiser with abilities that will speak to a new generation of kids both in the physical and virtual world. Like the original, she still appeals to children four to eight.”

Stuart continues, “When we talk to fans or go to the fan blogs, they pause for a minute with the new look, and then they say, ‘We always drew her a little bit older when we drew her ourselves,’ and a lot of the new elements feel very right to them. The intent certainly is to keep her values very much the same as they were and very wholesome.”

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