Rainbow Brite Game Review

Rainbow Brite.Com released a game called “Rainbow Rescue”, in the game you complete puzzles and collect “Star Sprinkles” at the end of each level.

In this game the "Dark Princess" has stolen and hidden 6 color crystals around Rainbow Land in 6 different puzzle games.  It is your job to find each crystal by solving the puzzles and help Rainbow Brite restore color and order to Rainbow Land.

The games are fun, colorful, energetic and really make you think. I loved each puzzle, as they challenged my memory, focus, and were so different it kept me from becoming bored. The music changing for each level was also a welcome change. Other games that seem to beat their themes in your ears until you are sick of hearing them. The music in this game was fresh and up beat making me humm along with each level. I must admit, I found myself playing it often, and challenging my previous scores!

If you haven't played it yet, I hope you do! Go to RainbowBrite.Com and check it out!


Over all Game Score: 4 out of 5 Stars

Challenging, but short. Would love to have seen more character interactions and story plot.

Here is a complete break down of each game

Rainbow Rescue

Level 1: the Red RaceRainbow Rescue
Color Crystal: Red (3 boards) 
Character: Rainbow Brite
Setting: Rainbow Land
Game: Matching Cards. 
Total Levels/boards: 3 each adding more cards

Level 2: Color Cascade (part 1) Rainbow Rescue
Color Crystal: Orange (1 Board) 
Character: Tickled Pink
Setting: Color Cascades 1 
Game: Shuffle game like Hexic, one level, shuffled stars, suns, and flowers
Total Boards: 1

Level 3: Crystal CavernsRainbow Rescue
Color Crystal: Yellow (3 Boards) 
Character: Starlite tell you to help Twinkle, you use Twinkle to help you win
Setting: Crystal Caverns
Game: Use Twinkle to move back and forth across a bridge and bounce Yellow Stars from one side of a bridge to the other as they bounce off a small trampoline in Twinkle's hands. The stars bounce at different speeds, so you have to bounce them across and in to a basket/cart on the other side using your arrow keys. (left and right)
Total Boards: 3

Level 4: Color Cascade (part 2) Rainbow Rescue
Color Crystal: Green
Character: Twilite and Twinkle
Setting: Color Cascade Part 2
Game: Shuffle game like Hexic, one level, Shuffle apples, leaves, clovers and stars
Total Boards: 1

Level 5: Color ChemistryRainbow Rescue
Color Crystal: Blue
Character: Nite Sprite
Setting: Color Chemistry
Game: Color Patters; put the stars in to the potion mixer, and if you get the combination right, you win! 
Total Boards: 3

Level 6: Color Cascade (part 3) Rainbow Rescue
Color Crystal: Violet
Character: Moonglow
Setting: Color Cascades 3
Game: Shuffle game like Hexic, one level, Shuffle fish, Moons, and Stars, Here is the twist; You have to match them diagonally!
Total Boards: 1

Level 7: The Bridge to Rainbow Land Rainbow Rescue
Color Crystal: Final Level
Character: Rainbow Brite
Setting: The Bridge to Rainbow Land
Game: Similar to Zuma, the star sprinkles snake around a storm cloud and you have to match the stars using Rainbow Scepter and shooting the correct color to get 3 in a row. As they match the line shuffles back. If you get too close to the middle you have to star over.

Ending: Rainbow and Starlite ride back to Rainbow Land on a Rainbow and like in the first animation, melt away the dark princess's magic and return Rainbow Land to color.