Greetings Fans,

Last year you may remember we gave away a Bettina Bush CD of "An American Christmas". This year we are proud to report that you can have your very own copy on Itunes , or CD Baby for .99 cents. The proceeds of the song are going to charity in honor of Bettina's father.

In this video below join Bettina as she opens a window into her life. Proud mother to two adorable children and honored daughter of an American Air Force Veteran.  Bettina is having a wonderful Holiday promotion in honor of her father and she would love for you be a part of it. Visit the facebook page here and share your stories or Tweet #HonorYourHeroes on Twitter in honor of someone you love.

Who are your heroes? Your parents? First grade teacher? Your best friend? Tell them now and let them know and spread the word!


Have a Rainbow Day!