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When you get your colorful personality from your mother, the Rainbow, and the brightest attitude from your father, the Sun, there's only one way a girl can go-- the way of the Rainbow! It's Rainbow Brite!

When Rainbow Brite's parents see that our world could use a helping hand, they send their brightest joy, Rainbow Brite, to our world with a very special mission - to join all the colors and people of our world and bring them together as one.

To help carry out her mission, Rainbow puts together the COLOR CREW -- a group of four kids from around the world. These ordinary earth kids are chosen by Rainbow Brite because of their special "individual" qualities that make each of them extraordinary in their own way.

Indigo, Ebony, Amber, and Cerise join with Rainbow Brite to unite the colors of our world.

Together, the COLOR CREW are initiated into the code of the Rainbow and take the color creed -- "Bright, Brighter, Brightest!" There's a wrong way of doing things and there's the Rainbow "Right" Way. Not just by doing well, but by doing your very best is how to pass the Rainbow Brite Test!

So remember, The Way to Go is the Way of the Rainbow!

--Rainbow Brite Box 1997