New Pajames @ AMAZON

Rainbow Brite Pajamas are appearing nearly everywhere this winter to keep your little ones warm this holiday season. Online retailers such as "" are carrying these fun and bright colored PJs. Here are some that have shown up recently!

Long Sleeve PJsThis set of PJ's comes with one top and bottom, and is available in sizes 4, 5, 6-6X

Order online for $16.99


Flannel PJsOr these PJ's, for $17.99 which come in pink!

Coat-style pajamas with button up top

Rainbow Brite print

100% polyester

Flame resistant


Thermal PJsThe newest ones to appear are these warm and snuggly Thermal PJ's for Todders and Girls for $12.99

Warm thermal pajamas

Rainbow Brite print

100% cotton fabric

Wear snug fitting