Archived Site/Social Network Updates

January 12th

  • Podcast: Special 2015 #1 we interview Mona Marshal, the voice actress from the original 1980's Rainbow Brite show!

January 13th

  • Official Rainbow Brite News: The official Facebook announces the winner from the December photo contest!

January 16

  • Official Rainbow Brite News: Watch the official Rainbow Brite Feeln Episode Cloudy with a Chance of Gloom for FREE on this weekend!

January 30th

  • Official Rainbow Brite News: Go to the official Rainbow Brite Facebook page and see which Rainbow Brite Character you are most like!

February 4th

  • Official Rainbow Brite News: Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer is now streaming on! Get a subscription and watch both the original Rainbow Brite and the new on

March 18th

  • Podcast: Episode #12: Our second anniversary episode

April 20th

  • Podcast: Episode 13: We review all the new Rainbow Brite Merchandise coming soon!

June 4

  • Official Rainbow Brite News: Kit Neale is designing new female fashions featuring Rainbow Brite! Fashions are being sold at Colette

June 5

  • Official Rainbow Brite News: Rainbow Brite Itty Bittys to be sold at Hallmark soon. Limited Edition set sold online only! Wow!
  • Facebook: The Official Rainbow Brite page is sharing heaps of archived photos from the history or Rainbow Brite!

June 10

  • Podcast: Episode 14: More Merch Madness!

June 20

  • Official Rainbow Brite News: The first official Itty Bitty Commercials is online and it's so cute!

July 11

  • Official Rainbow Brite News: The new Rainbow Brite Ornament is released at Hallmark Stores. The ornament is the same design as the one released in 2013

July 20

  • Podcast: Episode 15: we review the new Rainbow Brite Itty Bittys and give away a set to a Brite Cast Listener!

July 21

  • Official Rainbow Brite News: The new official Rainbow is released with news about the color kids, coloring pages, and more!

August 2

  • Vlog: Rainbow Land Report:  This episode I review the Rainbow Brite Limited Edition Itty Bittys

August 3

  • Vlog: Rainbow Land Report: This Episode i Review the 80's Mattel Rainbow Brite Dolls

August 10

  • Official Rainbow Brite news: The Rainbow Brite Itty Bittys are now in stores!

August 11

  • Official Rainbow Brite News: Another Rainbow Brite Itty Bitty Commercial and it keeps getting cuter!

August 13

  • Vlog: Speed of Brite: We speed color a picture of the Feeln Rainbow Brite.

August 21

  • Official Rainbow Brite News: Truffle is getting all new Rainbow Brite Merchandise and releasing it excursively in Britain

August 27

  • Podcast: Episode 16: Super Merch Sparkle Explosion: we review more Rainbow Brite Merchandise

September 11

  • Official Rainbow Brite News: The final designs of Rainbow Brite, Starlite and Twink plush are being released soon and have been posted online. aren't they sweet!

September 21

  • Official Rainbow Brite News: the new Starlite plush toy is coming soon! Isn't he adorable!

September 29

  • Vlog: Rainbow Land Report: Tour of Truffle's merchandise online!
  • Official Rainbow Brite News: a Limited Edition Rainbow Brite tee available online! 

October 2

  • Podcast: Episode 17: The search for more merchandise continues!
  • Merchindise News: Truffle Shuffle is doing a give away to British Rainbow Brite fans where you can get Itty Bittys and Truffle Shuffle Merchandise!

October 3

  • Merchandise Review: Joey Angel reviews the Truffle Shuffle Merchandise, the jumper, necklace and mug!
  • Feeln Characters: Added the Feeln Character bios to the site and Wiki

November 2

  • Podcast: Episode 18: Halloween Fun!

November 15

  • Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer: The 30th anniversary of the Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer movie  we recreated some of the comic pages using screen shots from the movie.