Custom 10" dress up dolls by Jazzy creations modeled after Lala Orange prototype doll and other dress ups  that were never released.

Dolls include:

  • Lala Orange
  • Shy Violet
  • Patty O'Green
  • Indigo
  • Long Dress Rainbow Brite
  • Red Butler

Original Designed Characters using the same dress up scheme:

  • Bonnie Blue (Character design by Stormberryfairy)
  • Original Designed Custom in Mint Colors
  • Dark Colored Stormy

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Lala Orange Dress Up Doll Lala Orange Dress Up Doll Lala Orange Dress Up Doll Shy Violet Dress Up Doll Shy Violet Dress Up Doll Patty O'Green Dress Up Doll Patty O'Green Dress Up Doll

Dress Up Indigo Custom Rainbow Dress UpRed Butler Dress Up Doll


Bonnie Blue Dress Up Doll Original Dress Up Doll Dark Stormy Dress up Doll