Recently a fan who creates custom Rainbow Brite dolls got in touch with me to share her art, and offer her services to those who want custom dolls.

Find out more about Jazzy here!

Here are a few of her current 10" Designs:

  • Brian: Complete with shoes, shirt and denim pants.
  • "Evil Princess": Devilishly gorgeous with crown, cape, and jewelry
  • Krys: in shiny suit and rerooted hair.
  • Krys: in blue used from Rainbow Brite dresses and rerooted hair.
  • Baby Brite: Made from materials from real Baby Brite dolls.
  • Moonglow: Designed after the 2010 fashion doll with, scepter, dress, and colored hair.

10 Inch Brian 10 Inch Dark Princess 10 Inch Krys 10 Inch Krys 10 Inch Baby Brite 10 Inch Baby Brite 10 Inch 2010 Moonglow

Of the 18" dolls, only 3 designs were released: Rainbow Brite, Patty O'Green, and Shy Violet. Custom Doll Creator Jazzy Creations has tried her hands at making the "other" color kids.

Here she has created an 18" Stormy, Buddy Blue, Indigo, and Krys.

More are to come, so stay tuned, or contact the creator to have one made for you.

Find out more about Jazzy here!

18 Inch Stormy 18 Inch Buddy Blue 18 Inch Indigo 18 Inch Krys 18 Inch Krys

Everyone's most requested doll, Stormy. Custom Doll maker Jazzy Creations tried her hand at this rare doll, but making two versions.

One version is made after the original prototype, and the other is designed after the television character. 

In one attempt she even created an 18" Stormy.

She also made a custom flocked hardbody Skydancer.

These dolls were sold on Ebay, but she does take requests.

Stormy Stormy Stormy Stormy Stormy Stormy

Custom doll maker, Jazzy Creations tried her hand at making Custom Flocked hardbody horses for 11" Rainbow Brite dolls. They are designed after the original released Hard Body Horses, and are flocked.

Designs include:

  • Starlite
  • Starlite with saddle and reins
  • Sunriser
  • Skydancer
  • Skydancer with saddle and reins
  • Skydancer with saddle and reins (different color hair)

Hardbody Starlite Horse Hardbody Starlite Horse Hardbody Skydancer Horse Hardbody Sunriser Horse Hardbody Sunriser Horse Hardbody Sunriser Horse

Hardbody  Skydancer Horse Hardbody Skydancer Horse Hardbody Skydancer Horse Hardbody Skydancer Horse Hardbody Skydancer Horse Hardbody Skydancer Horse

Have a dress-up doll that isn't complete, or even a classic doll whose costume was been lost over time? Jazzy Creations is taking a shot at making Custom Cloths, replicas of costumes for those missing dolls. Here are some she has already done:

  • Tickled Pink's dress-up Dress and Boots. Fits 10" dress-up dolls.
  • Indigo's costume: Fits 10" dress-up dolls
  • Buddy Blue headband and shorts for 10" Buddy Blue dolls

Find out more about Jazzy here!

Tickled Pink Costume Indigo Costume Buddy Blue Head Band Buddy Blue Shorts