Cassandra Rose

When Rainbow Brite and her friends were re-designed in 2008 it was met mixed reviews. These new designs were different. The characters and their colors had changed. But one fan took this chance to embrace not only the new designs and their love for the color purple. In our interview with her, blogger Cassandra Rose explains why she chose to dress as Moonglow for her 2010 Halloween party.

Name: Cassandra Rose
Age: 24
Costume: Moonglow (2008 design)
Website: Fli Brish ; Twitter; Bibliomantics (a book blog)

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Cassandra Rose as Moonglow Moonglow Boots Moonglow Wand Moonglow Arm Cuffs Moonglow being attacked!

Darkfire Wolfe

The first “adult” style Rainbow Brite costume on record appeared in 2002 at Dragon-Con in Atlanta, Georgia and was worn by Darkfire Wolfe. We recently got hold of the first Rainbow Brite Cosplayer for information about her memories and this costume.

Name: Darkfire Wolfe
Age: 30
Costume: Rainbow Brite
Website: DarkfireWolfe.Com; Cosplay Profile; Facebook

If you are a fan of Darkfire Wolfe's costumes, please feel free to contact her via her Facebook page, or directly at her email address.

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Darkfire Wolfe Darkfire Wolfe Darkfire Wolfe Darkfire Wolfe Darkfire Wolfe

Ashley S. McCormick

Once upon a time Ashley's older sister shared Rainbow Brite with her, and ever since it has inspired her to create her own rainbows.

At the 2010 San Diego Comic Con, Ashley wore her creation, a hand made, custom detailed Rainbow Brite Costume complete with "Twink" Purse, fully covered boots, and color belt with sound!

In our first live interview, we sat down and asked Ms McCormick how she came up with her costume and what she could recommend for others making their own costumes this Halloween season.

Name: Ashley S. McCormick
Age: 21
Costume: Rainbow Brite
Website: Ashley's Cosplay Profile

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Ashley S McCorkick Ashley S McCorkick Ashley S McCorkick Ashley S McCorkick Ashley S McCorkick



Rainbow Brite can bring people together, and that's what it did for these friends. Together these 6 friends got together and created a great modern take on the Color Kids and villains “Murky Dismal” and Lurky.

Pictured Below:

Red Butler..........Michael Blouin
Lala Orange........Jen Manley
Patty O'Green.....Robyn Rees
Buddy Blue.........Luke Comeaux
Shy Violet...........Christie Cox
Murky.................Dave Manley

Sisters Christie (Shy Violet) and Robyn (Patty O'Green) were a part of this group and have answered some questions about how they came up with this color creation.

Name: Christie Cox (pictured left)
Age: 31
Costume: Shy Violet
Website: Profile; Deviant Art Profile

Name: Robyn Rees (pictured right)
Age: 27
Costume: Patty O'Green

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Color Kids Color Kids Color Kids Color Kids Shy Violet Shy Violet


One of the more rare costumes you will see is "Indigo". However it is the more rare things that can look the most fun! Here a cosplayer decided to try out this adorable look when a friend asked her to dress as Indigo to partner with her "Rainbow Brite" costume.

This cosplayer is not unfamiliar with costumes having completed over 15 diverse looks from Mulan from Disney, or Sailor Mercury from Sailor Moon. Indigo is just another wonderful challenge for this talented costumed player.

Name: Janet (Kawaiinekochi)
Age: 27
Costume: Indigo
Website: Kawaiinekochi Cosplay Profile

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Kawaiinekochi Indigo Costume_1 Kawaiinekochi Indigo Costume_2 Kawaiinekochi Indigo Costume_3