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Tickled Pink Custom Doll By Stormie Studios
Description By Bradley

Bubbly and fun, Tickled Pink is the guardian of the color pink. Always happy to dance and have a good time, Tickled Pink can be kind of hard to get to focus- but she is powerful in her own right.

Favorite Food: Cupcakes!

Best Friend: LaLa Orange- she’s constantly making me new party gear!

Animal Companion: Speedy the Turtle! He’s probably a bigger fan of dancing than me!

Spritekick: Bubblegum is my best girl! She always gets me out of sticky situations.


Fabric SampleArielTickled Pink was created using custom designed fabrics by Stormie Studios (Available for sale on Spoonflower!) and a Disney Animator’s Collection Ariel doll. His hair is a long yarn wig in a mix of bright pinks split into two fluffy pigtails. Her outfit includes boots, socks, skater skirt, slouchy tee, belt, and a necklace. 


Tickled PinkTickled PinkTickled Pink