Shy VioletTickled Pink Custom Doll By Stormie Studios
Description By Bradley

Smart and shy, Violet is the quiet protector of the color Violet. She may be buried in a book or quickly typing away on her computer, but this guardian has a big mind. As the smartest of the color kids, she is the most reasonable and cautious.


Favorite Food: Mac and Cheese

Best Friend: Rainbow Brite, she gets me out of books and into adventures!
Animal Companion: Specks the owl. He’s a hoot!

Spritekick: IQ, the only one in Rainbowland who enjoys a good book more than me.


Fabric SampleSnow WhiteShy Violet was created using custom designed fabrics by Stormie Studios (Available for sale on Spoonflower!) and a Disney Animator’s Collection Snow White doll. Her hair is a mix of bright lavender with streaks of pink swept up into a bun. His outfit includes an overall jumper, long sleeved tee, tights, boots, and a backpack with chain accessory.


Shy VioletShy VioletShy VioletShy Violet