Red ButlerRainbow Brite Custom Doll By Stormie Studios
Description By Bradley

Brave and Bold, Red Butler is the guardian of the color red. While he may be a little hot tempered every now and then, his heart is in the right place. As the guardian of the color red, he defends the earth with a fiery passion!


Favorite Food: Tacos with LOTS of hot sauce!

Best Friend: Buddy Blue! He cools me down when I get too heated.

Animal Companion: My good pal Ringo the monkey!

Spritekick: Romeo. He’s small but he’s mighty!


Fabric SampleMeridaRed Butler was created using custom designed fabrics by Stormie Studios (Available for sale on Spoonflower!) and a Disney Animator’s Collection Merida doll. His hair is a heavy weight burnt sienna yarn wig pushed off his face and tucked into a slouchy knit beanie. His outfit includes boots, pants with elastic suspenders, a suspender chain, tee shirt, and a beanie.


Red ButlerRed ButlerRed ButlerRed Butler