Lala OrangeLala Orange Custom Doll By Stormie Studios
Description By Bradley

Fashionably fierce, Lala Orange is a cut above the rest as the guardian of the color Orange. When she isn’t buried in her sketch book, Lala uses her inventive resolve to defend earth with her bright creativity!


Favorite Food: A big piece of carrot cake with a tall glass of milk!

Best Friend: Tickled Pink. She’s always around to help me create a new look!

Animal Companion: Roxy my Raccoon. Everyone knows rings are always trending.

Spritekick: OJ! Not only is OJ wicked smart, but he can also accessorize!


Fabric SampleCinderellaLala Orange was created using custom designed fabrics by Stormie Studios (Available for sale on Spoonflower!) and a Disney Animator’s Collection Cinderella doll. Her hair is a beautiful pastel orange yarn wig that falls down her back in beautiful long strands. Her outfit includes a pair of orange tights, boots, a tee shirt and pleated skirt, necklace, belt, and star hair pieces.


Lala OrangeLala OrangeLala OrangeLala Orange