January Featured Fan Art

Month Featured: January 2010
Artist: landesfes

Featured Fan Artist: It's hard not to be excited and cheer when remembering your childhood favorite characters. That is the feeling and expression left by this "Chibi" Rainbow Brite by Landesfes on DeviantArt. The bubbly personality of Rainbow Brite throwing star sprinkles in the air is caught perfectly in this image. Please check out this artist's other work as she captures each character's personality and look in effortless color and expression. Other characters include, but are not limited to Jem, Sailor Moon, and Lady Lovely Locks. 


February Featured Fan Art

Month Featured: February 2010
Artist: kiminess

Featured Fan Artist: Sometimes Rainbow Brite art comes not from Fans, but from the friends of fans. In this piece of art Kiminess of DeviantArt was asked to update Rainbow Brite's look, and little did the artist know, she nearly duplicated the current look of Rainbow Brite. With beautiful shading and vibrant colors, it's hard not to love this adorable look. 

March Featured Fan Art

Month Featured: March 2010
Artist: Glittercandy

Featured Fan Artist: Older Rainbow Brite fans from the forums will be familiar with this artist. While on DeviantArt she is known as GlitterCandy, some of us remember her as “Aqua”, an anime style artist who often draws Rainbow Brite and her friends. Here she has drawn our favorite girls, Rainbow Brite, Tickled Pink, Moonglow, and even Stormy and Twink getting ready for Easter Egg hiding fun! 

April Featured Fan Art

Month Featured: April 2010
Artist: JoeyAngel

Featured Fan Artist:We are proud to feature this month, a dear friend and fan of Rainbow Brite, JoeyAngel. Joey has been a part of the Rainbow Brite Fandom for many years, and even has her own Rainbow Brite RPG forum, where she and other fans expand the history of Rainbow Brite and it's characters as well as making new ones.
This year Joey, who normally draws Rainbow Brite as an adult character, gave a try at the new Hallmark Design for 2010. In this piece she has drawn Tickled Pink, Rainbow Brite, and Moonglow as they now appear. This piece is also a featured banner on our forums for this season.
You can find more of Joey's art on her DeviantArt account and friend her on Facebook

May Featured Fan Art

Month Featured: May 2010
Artist: Chi & Alpha2

Featured Fan Artist: Some fan art can become a group effort, as what has come from Chi and Alpha2 of DeviantArt.

Chi: I was a fan of the Rainbow Brite cartoon series as a kid. I liked it because it had some really dark elements that most girls show don't have. Back around 1995 I played with some ideas to update Rainbow Brite with my friend Alpha2 for the fun of it. We both did our versions of Rainbow Brite and when I saw his redesign I knew he had a better take on it than I, so I urged him to do the rest of the characters too. Since he didn't really know the show as well, we kinda went back and forth on the ideas and that's why it took so long to get all the characters done. While working on the redesigns we did not want them to resemble any existing property (such as Sailor Moon or Barbie or Bratz dolls). We tackled them from the character's personality and what they are supposed to represent. We tried to make them unique looking from each other, but at the same time still maintain instant irreconcilability to the original visuals.

Together they have expanded on their redesign of Rainbow Brite & the Color Kidsher friends, and Villains!

Please view these wonderful artists who are helping to share the rainbow with a new generation! 

June Featured Fan Art

Month Featured: June 2010
Artist: Karnella

Featured Fan Artist: It is often fun to see how fashion and Rainbow Brite mix. This month we see Shy Violet in a very “Lolita” style fashion, reading to Canary Yellow. With a wonderful use of color and expression, it's a joy to see two of Rainbow Brite's Color Kid friends having a nice spring day in the sun.
The artist of this piece is “Karnella”, an artist from DeviantArt who enjoys drawing in a Lolita fashion, and also draws other 80's characters, such as Lady Lovelylocks, as well as other Rainbow Brite characters, Stormy and Moonglow! Please show this artist some love, and comment on her wonderful art.

July Featured Fan Art

Month Featured: July 2010
Artist: Loverofpiggies

Featured Fan Artist: Sometimes artists feel drawing Rainbow Brite and her friends is a challenge. They see such unique characters and decide to give their own spin to these classic looks with their own style but still staying true to what fans love! Here DeviantArt Artist "Loverofpiggies" did just that with her style of "Rainbow Land". She drew each character individually, before putting them all into the final poster you see here. If you want to see all of these pieces, please visit her DeviantArt page, Comment, and Share the Rainbow! 

August Featured Fan Art

Month Featured: August 2010
Artist: Diana Contreras Rivera (SHIRA5 of Deviant Art)

Featured Fan Artist: It's fun to feature art in such vibrant color, and this artist is just that. Drawn by Diana Contreras Rivera (SHIRA5 of Deviant Art), this talented artist from Spain decided to draw “Rainbow Brite” and her friend “Twink” in her own funky “Chibi” style. Mrs Rivera draws many characters in this style which reminds us of the whimsy of youth and color. Please visit her art and you will find a smile on every page to brighten your day. 

September Featured Fan Art

Month Featured: September 2010
Artist: Mary Cagle (Shikaku Suika of DeviantArt)
Artist Links: "Kiwi Blitz"

Featured Fan Artist: Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and it is perfectly captured in this piece by Mary Cagle. Ms Cagle is an artist who decided to take on drawing Rainbow Brite and her friends in her own special style.

Her style is unique while influenced by Japanese Anime as well as other things. You can see these influences in her very own web-comic “Kiwi Blitz” which follows the adventures of a couple of American teenagers in the near future who fight crime with robots.

In her interpretation of Rainbow Brite Characters, she has drawn them in the style of her comic. You could almost see her heroine dressing as these characters for Halloween or a fancy dress party.

Here is her own words about how Rainbow Brite influenced her work:

Rainbow Brite was one of a few series I really liked as a kid that included both adorable characters and adventurous stories. There was even some surprising depth (especially in that first episode!) for a show based on greeting cards. I always liked that combination. It's really too bad that Bratz-style toys have taken over the young population's interest since then.

This month we proudly feature a re-vamped “Classic” Rainbow Brite Logo using Mary's version of Rainbow Brite and Twink. She is also taking on other characters such as Moonglow, Stormy, and Lala Orange and will be working on doing more classic characters in the near future. If you want to view any of these creations or even order prints, please visit her Deviant Gallery! Share the rainbow and tell this awesome artist how great her art is!

Also check out her web-comic: “Kiwi Blitz” to see her art in action!

October Featured Fan Art

Month Featured: October 2010
Artist: E.P (maahs of DeviantArt)


Featured Fan Artist: Its nice to find Fan Art that uses different textures, shading and even a realistic approach. That's the fun of colors in general, finding ways to let the light shine through. Recently artist E.P. (Maahs of DeviantArt) attempted a more realistic shaded look to our beloved Rainbow Brite character. The coloring makes you want to find your watercolor set and attempt the look yourself, though I'm not sure we all could achieve such a gorgeous look ourselves without what seems to have taken this artist hours of practice.

In this image Rainbow Brite maintains her innocent look, glancing up to you with wide blue eyes and impish grin. If you get a chance go to DeviantArt and let this artist know how much you enjoy this piece and share the rainbow with those you love! 

November Featured Fan Art

Month Featured: November 2010
Artist: Jasartist


Featured Fan Artist: Sometimes when it comes to the love of color people love just a particular color. Here the art Jasartist from DeviantArt went through a series of characters she liked with “Green Hair”. Among those she drew in her own style was Rainbow Brite's best friend, Patty O'Green. Keeping the character impish and charming hugging her own special sprite Lucky, it's hard not to smile.

Share your smile with others too and let them know about this adorable Patty O'Green Fan Art! 

December Featured Fan Art

Month Featured: December 2010
Artist: Hezaa

Featured Fan Artist: When one thinks of Rainbow Brite they think of the sparkling blue eyed girl with blond hair and star kissed cheek with the ability to bring color to the world with a touch of her fingers to the magic Star Sprinkles, or her Color Belt. Now and then an artist is able to capture this with their imaginations and bring her to a new level of reality. That is what "Hezaa" of DeviantArt did. Using beautiful textures and lights, shading and depth, Rainbow Brite truly shines.

The artist considers this piece unfinished, but I for one, think she is lovely and a perfect ending for this years featured Fan Art! Bravo!