January Featured Fan Art

Month Featured: January 2011

Artist: starpowerrr

Featured Fan Artist: Rainbow Brite can be cute, but she can also be very glamorous, as you can see in this drawing done by "Starpowerrr". By her side is Krys, also dashing but not as dolled up as Rainbow, with her adorable dress and doe eyes. Starpowerrr has also drawn Shy Violet in this adorable style which can be seen on her blog (click image to view).

If you go to her blog you can see that the artist loves everything colorful, sparkled and cute! This drawing is truly a sweet treat! Good work! 

February Featured Fan Art

Month Featured: February 2011

Artist: Jerzy Drozd

Featured Fan Artist: Drawing Rainbow Brite is not as easy as some people may think. To capture the essence of childhood can be hard. Comic Artist Jerzy Drozd decided to draw her one day to get his creative juices going. He was able to get such details as the color castle, her color belt, those timeless moon boots and famous cheek star just about perfect, yet still in his own style. While the sketch was just an outline, which he says he will color later, it's nice to see that our favorite character still challenges artists, and for fans reminds us that she still inspires. 

March Featured Fan Art

Month Featured: March 2011

Artist: Cookiepoppet

Featured Fan Artist: We have featured this artist previously, back in October of 2009, but it's nice to go back and see them draw our favorite character again! This time DeviantArtist Cookiepoppet drew Rainbow Brite and her Sprite Twink. The sweet faces on both characters capture your heart every time, and the lovely textures make the scene dance with joy. It is an honor to feature this artist once again. Very well done! 

April Featured Fan Art

Month Featured: April 2011

Artist: marianacorvi

Featured Fan Artist: Starlite is the most magnificent horse in the universe, and it's hard not to believe it when you see such rich colors and sparkling eyes as done on this piece of fan art my Mariana Corvi of Deviant Art. His long mane being caught in the wind is breath taking and it's nice to know his beauty can still be captured by such a skillful artist. Well done! 

May Featured Fan Art

Month Featured: May 2011

Artist: Lyne St-Jules

Featured Fan Artist: This month's featured Fan Art is of Rainbow Brite and Starlite as drawn by Lyne St-Jules. Lyne is a freelance artist who decided to take some time out and draw our favorite pair together while on a nostalgia kick (is there any better kind!). You can find out more about this artist on her blog, or even look around her Deviant Art Gallery. Drop by and tell her what a good job she did and see what else she has drawn lately! Share the Rainbow! 

June Featured Fan Art

Month Featured: June 2011

Artist: AmarineCraft

Featured Fan Artist: This month's featured Fan Art is of Rainbow Brite drawn by AmarineCraft of DeviantArt. ArmaineCraft is not new to Rainbow Brite, having drawn several great pictures of her, the color kids, and more! This picture in particular really struck us as brilliant. The lovely textures, gleeful expression on Twink, and vibrant colors. It is gorgeous!

Please take your time to see this artists other Rainbow Brite inspired pictures and comment on these breath taking colorful pieces!

Share the Rainbow! 

June Featured Fan Art

Month Featured: July 2011

Artist: Katie "Toast" D

Featured Fan Artist: This month's featured Fan Art is of Rainbow Brite drawn by Katie "Toast" D (AKA mewgal of DeviantArt). Katie's style is often quirky and charming. For this drawing she says that if she had been influenced by Rainbow Brite more as a child she may have been able to draw stars better. Stars or no, this sketch is lovely and we hope to see more like it from others. Until then please share the rainbow and this piece with others you know!

Share the Rainbow! 

August Featured Fan Art

Month Featured: August 2011

Artist: CrabOfDoom

Featured Fan Artist: Sometimes fan art is fun, this month it's also just darn CUTE! With a "My Little Pony" theme, here is out lovely Starlite, the most magnificent horse in the universe, drawn by "CrabofDoom" of DeviantArt. 

September Featured Fan Art

Month Featured: September 2011

Artist: Robin E Kaplan

Featured Fan Artist: This month's featured artist is quite the charmer. She was kind enough to allow us to feature her for this month, and we thought it best to allow her to tell you how this piece came about in her own words:

I'm a children's book illustrator who does nerdy comic book show stuff on the side, and I was going through a week of re-discovering Rainbow Brite a while back, and that piece was the result. I've always been inspired by the really charming character designs in that show, and of course the fact that it was a 'girl show' with plenty of action and adventure. Also the best terrible villains ^.~

This art is beautiful to say the least. It seems to grasp the joy and playfulness of our childhoods in the design and small touches. It is as though each of the character's personalities is shown in their poses! If you like this print, click the picture above and you can order a copy of it from Etsy in a variety of sizes. 

October Featured Fan Art

Month Featured: October 2011

Artist: Elaine Snowden

Featured Fan Artist: Trick or Treat! Rainbow's always seem sweet! This month's featured Fan Artist is  Elaine Snowden (Neale of Deviant Art), who drew an updated yet mischievous Rainbow Brite tossing Star Sprinkles at an unknown foe. Is it Murky Dismal off the panel? Perhaps just a gloom cloud. One thing is for sure, it chases your gloom away! You can't help but adore the textures, colors and whimsical lines of this piece. It's magic! 

November Featured Fan Art November Featured Fan Art

Month Featured: November 2011

Artist: Hinoraito

Featured Fan Artist: OMG DOUBLE RAINBOW! This month's featured Fan Artist is Hinoraito of Deviant Art, who drew two very different Rainbow Brite fan pictures. One is a sweet classic style chibi Rainbow Brite, gleeful and cute! They other a regular pop princess with modern updated costume, but still a few accents that echo the old style; mainly the ponytail, thick bangs, the rainbow sleeves, boots, and star accented hair and belt.

Both styles are very different, but they still shout "RAINBOW POWER"! 

December Featured Fan Art

Month Featured: December 2011

Artist: Allie Hilditch

Featured Fan Artist: This month's featured Fan Artist is Allie Hilditch (LimpingGnome of Deviant Art), who combined two of the most colorful cartoons in years to make a sonic rainboom!! Rainbow Brite riding Rainbow Dash from the new My Little Pony. Ponies and Bronies will agree that it's a match made in rainbow heaven! The art itself, beyond just being cute is also very well done. It has rich color, and textures considering it wall drawn with colored pencils and markers. Drop by the artist's page and see her other art which are just as nicely done...and CUTE!