January Featured Fan Art

Month Featured: January 2012

Artist: Kuro-Rakuen

Featured Fan Artist: This month's featured Fan Artist is Kuro-Rakuen of Deviant Art. Her art is heartwarming and nostalgic with a variety of styles and colors. If you look around her gallery you will see many familiar faces as she has drawn My Little Pony (Classic and New), unicorns and fairies, and popular Anime characters. Charming and delightful, she has drawn Rainbow Brite, Twink Sprite and Starlite! It's not hard to get swept away and smile as Rainbow throws Star Sprinkles your way and brightens you day!

February Featured Fan Art

Month Featured: February 2012

Artist: Ryan Gindlesperge

Featured Fan Artist: This month's featured Fan Artist is Ryan Gindlesperge (aaronmizuno of Deviant Art). Normally Ryan draws Anime styles such as Sailor Moon or his own style comic "Mastery", but he tried his hand at Rainbow Brite this month, and in a very powerful pose! It shows Rainbow as a true hero, no mater how small she may appear Ryan has really let her shine in this art! RAINBOW POWER!


March Featured Fan Art

Month Featured: March 2012

Artist: crayon-chewer

Website | Twitter | Tumblr

Featured Fan Artist: There is no lack of color with this month's featured fan artist. This month we feature "Crayon Chewer", and when you've got it, flaunt it! She does well in embracing color and making you want to cry out in awe of the cuteness! From her fan art on Pokemon, My Little Pony or just anything "Chibi". The piece we are featuring this month is specifically of "Rainbow Brite" and is Crayon-Chewer's hopes for a successful Rainbow Brite Relaunch. True to the original design and cute, she kept a lot of the original appearance of Rainbow Brite, Starlite and Twink, but in a style that is very whimsical and all her own. Well done!


April Featured Fan Art

Month Featured: April 2012

Artist: Hotaru

Featured Fan Artist: Mark your place with these cute Rainbow Brite designs by Hotaru of Deviant Art. With three already done, and several more on the way Hotaru drew Rainbow Brite, Stormy and Moonglow in her own style, with strong colors and her own flare. Each design has a style that echoes that of the original characters but still being different, funky and fresh. Hotaru is well versed in variety as you can find on her Deviant Art gallery. Original Characters and Fan Art for pages and pages. Powerpuff Girls, Sailor Moon, Disney, and more! Share the Rainbow and let this artist know how much you enjoy her work!


May Featured Fan Art

Month Featured: May 2012

Artist: Krystal Georgiou

Featured Fan Artist: Sparkle, Fluff and Colorful stuff, that is what smiles are made of. This months featured fan artist is just that with her nostalgic reflection of Rainbow Brite and her Sprite Twink! Krystal Georgiou did a wonderful job in her recreation and you can tell in the picture above and also in her other arts you can find on her Deviant Art page, or her website Krystallo.com. Take a moment and share the Rainbow. You are also sharing a smile!


June Featured Fan Art

Month Featured: June 2012

Artist: Kat Ruhl

Featured Fan Artist: As eclectic a person's styles may be, you can never have too many rainbows. Here is a "Rainbow Brite" designed by Kat Ruhl fittingly titled "Savior of Color". Keeping true to the original design, but in her own style you can't help but love it. It's as familiar as a special memory and as comfortable as a warm blanket. Seeing images like this just makes you smile and remember and those memories are special. Aren't we lucky to have art like this to wrap ourselves in when we need a rainbow.

Rainbow Brite isn't the only character to be remembered by this artist. Check out her gallery for other "memories" such as My Little Pony, Sailor Moon, and many more.

Share the Rainbow and tell them "Rainbow Brite" sent ya!


July Featured Fan Art

Month Featured: July 2012

Artist: Kuakness

Featured Fan Artist: We all have to start somewhere. This was one of the first drawings done by this month's artist, and while she's come a long way in her art since this picture was done it's a good idea to look back and see where you have been to see how far you have come. Cheerful and bright, Rainbow Brite with Starlite is by Kuakness of DeviantArt way back in 2006. Still it's one you keep wanting to look back at. Take a moment to take a look yourself, as well as at other character art such as Disney, Anime, and many more!.
Share the Rainbow!


August Featured Fan Art

Month Featured: August 2012

Artist: Beany at Holy Calamity Studios

Featured Fan Artist: "Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket...never let it fade away!" This month's featured artist is Beany of Holy Calamity Studios and is bright, festive, and just down right CUTE! However if you see her other art you will see more beautiful rainbows on parade! And as she shares rainbows with every drawing she makes, we share them with you. Take a moment and share the rainbow with someone you love!


September Featured Fan Art

Month Featured: September 2012

Artist: shubasami

Deviant Art * Tumblr

Featured Fan Artist: This Month's featured Fan Art is an older sketch by a very colorful, nostalgic and talented Shubasami of Deviant Art. All because Rainbow's colors will cheer you up, and it's  hard not to love the sweet Twink smiling back with his best friend Rainbow Brite, showing the two are the best of friends and go together like cake and ice cream. While you are seeing this picture, take a look at the artist's other works which include many wonderful My Little Pony pictures as well as others! It's sure to leave a sweet taste from all the cute eye candy!


October Featured Fan Art

Month Featured: October 2012

Artist: ChibiTaryn

Featured Fan Artist: This Month's featured Fan Art is ChibiTaryn of Deviant Art. We have featured her before when she did an equally cute Rainbow Brite sketch. This year she was part of a contest to re-draw a drawing she had previously drawn and improve upon it. I think she did so rather successfully , wouldn't you? Share the Rainbow with someone you love and share this picture with your friends!


November Featured Fan Art

Month Featured: November 2012

Artist: lexemon

Featured Fan Artist: This Month's featured Fan Art is Lexemon of Deviant Art. This fun and festive photo was a recent gift and we couldn't help but share it with you too! While drawn several years ago, it is available as a print on Deviant Art which is how we received it. This redesign on Rainbow Brite and the Color Kids is vibrant and funky and can't help but make you happy!


November Featured Fan Art

Month Featured: December 2012

Artist: Renee Stowe

Featured Fan Artist: This Month's featured Fan Art is Renee Stowe of RainbowBrite.Us. As a part of our fan art section and to help promote the new "Brite Cast" Rainbow Brite Podcast, here is our BriteCast logo featuring "Renee" and "Katy Cartee Haile" of Rainbow Brite.net as "Color Kids"!

Brite Cast will be a joint venture between the two websites RainbowBrite.Net and this one to bring you the most news about Rainbow Brite from fans. This is a special year because it will be Rainbow Brite's 30th anniversary. Stay tuned to this site for more news about the podcast as it develops!

Have a Rainbow Day!