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Be a StarDiana Stuart is Creative VP at Hallmark Properties, and she is helping bring Rainbow Brite back onto your children's toy closets with an exciting new makeover, and all new adventures. She has interviewed with Maria Bailey to bring more information to fans and moms about Rainbow Brite. If you don't have MomTalkRadio in your area, you can listen on like at! Hallmark is moving forward with the line and we hope to see more soon! If you have a chance please go to the site, listen and leave us your feedback about what you think.


Are you a mom who sharing Rainbow with your little one? Or ar you a friend helping share her with others?  We have received a new "Share the Rainbow" Note from a Rainbow Brite Fan and how she learned about Rainbow Brite:

"How I got introduced to Rainbow Brite is simple. There was a video that I watched over and over again by Rainbow Brite and it was a birthday video (never released to the general public to buy, but only to rent) so since it was near my birthday and my mom knew that I LOVED watching Rainbow's mom told my nana (now deceased) that I was into Rainbow Brite.

So my Grandmother went around to different stores trying to find this one VHS (the birthday one I watched every day) when I was about six years old and couldn't find it so instead she bought me the famous one instead "Rainbow Brite and Star Stealer", I am now 22 and still watch it a lot since it came from someone who I was Really close to when younger and it truly brings me back. Every song that comes on, and every line that they say...I know by heart. It's kinda was like Rainbow was my best friend growing up. :)

To this day I still look to rainbows in the sky like I did when I was a child and think back to the days that I used to sit there and think she'd appear to take the gloomy days away and put color back into them...and Now that I know I can get it on DVD... when I have children of my own I will pass down the brightness of the Rainbow to my children as well.

She was amazing...and I would rather have my kids watch her over half the shows we have on TV now. Bring her back to TV either Cartoon Network or Nick JR

~ Meg-Eliza , New Hampshire,USA


Thank you so much for this memory. We look forward to hearing more! Please contact us with your Rainbow Brite Memories? How have you Shared the Rainbow?


Be a StarShare The Rainbow

A note from a former Rainbow Brite Mom:

"My daughter got started on Rainbow Brite when she was 4 yrs old back in 1984. It started with the T.V commercials on a very small black and white TV that my parents bought for us. She fell in love with the colors even though she didn't see any colors on the screen.

Then I bought her the coloring books, puzzles and dolls. She would spend hours putting together her puzzles over and over again. Once she put it together, she boxed it up, shuffled the box, mixing up the pieces and did it again.

My daughter to this day is the true Rainbow Brite fan. I just wanted to share my story with you every little girl should have her own Rainbow Brite doll to love and share. Thanks and Rainbow wishes."

~ Katherine, California, USA


Thank you so much for this memory. We look forward to hearing more! Please contact us with your Rainbow Brite Memories? How have you Shared the Rainbow?


Share The Rainbow

Be a StarBack in 1984 many children were introduced to Rainbow Brite and her friends. Many parents, grandparents and adults nurtured these characters to become the life long relationship with color, friendship and love. Many fans don't remember how their relationships began, but I can give you a clue. It begins with your family. Your first toys and collectables were most likely not purchased by you, but rather a loved one who took it upon themselves to share the rainbow with you.

Was it your grandmother sending you a card on your birthday? Your uncle giving you a coloring book? Your mom and dad giving you a doll to hold? 

We want to hear those stories, and share them with others. If you have a story or if a friend or family member has a story they would like to share about how they shared the joy of Rainbow Brite with someone else, please contact us.

In the mean time, fans of the first generation are now the mothers, fathers and friends of a new generation, and it is time for us to return the favor, pass the torch and of course, share the rainbow.

Hallmark, along with Maria Bailey, founder of “Marketing to Mom”, a website and campaign designed to keep mom's of this new generation informed on what is to come. You can expect a representative from Hallmark's creative staff to be on Maria Bailey's radio program Mom Talk Radio, very soon to discuss the new Rainbow Brite!

Mom Talk Radio is the #1 top syndicated radio program for mom's today, so check your local radio stations to see which may be carrying her talk show.

Be a STR: Share The Rainbow with Rainbow Brite!

Bettina American Christmas

Bettina announced in her News Letter this month that she is releasing a Christmas single called "An American Christmas".

You can listen to it and any other of Bettina's music on her website, as well as purchase CDs.

Often Bettina travels the country, and she has NOT forgotten her roots. In many interviews she has told people she is the voice of our beloved Rainbow Brite, and loves to hear from her fans of both her music and her voice acting work. To keep in contact with Bettina, please go to her site and sign up for her monthly news letter!

If you have not read the interview before, please read Bettina's interview with here. There will be a new interview very soon, so keep a look out!