Hey Color Kids!

the Rainbow Land Report has rebooted too! We hope to feature more reviews and vlogs. Until then please tune in for past episodes and archives on Youtube and check out Renee on Brite Cast as we cover much more news on everything Rainbow Brite!

Hey Color Kids,

This week Feeln released images from the New Rainbow Brite show and we were pleasantly surprised to meet THE COLOR KIDS!

Yes! EACH original Color Kid from the original show have been redrawn for this new show and they are adorable!

Can't wait to see more!
Check them out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr! And don't forget to check out the show soon on Feeln!


Hello Color Kids!

For the first time in 27 years Rainbow Brite the animated character is back with a new show by Feeln!

You can sign up for a free trial at Feeln.


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A few projected projects are these.

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