In March Rainbow Brite fans in Canada got an exclusive: A Rainbow Brite Bike by Canadian manufacturer, Stone Ridge Cycles. 

The Stone Ridge Rainbow Brite Bike was released exclusively at Toys R Us in Canada, and resembled the 1980's bike by Murray featuring

Rainbow Brite Bike

  • Streamers
  • training wheels
  • Handle bar bag

Well, it's took some time but the US is getting their own bike, created by Kent.

Rainbow Brite Bike Rainbow Brite Bike

These bikes have some very nice features such as (but not limited to)

  • 3 Sizes for your child (12in, 14in, 16in)
  • Training Wheels
  • Handle Bar bag
  • Streamers
  • Hand Breaks

Currently these bikes are found at and
We will let you know where else they can be found as they are released. 

Make your child's day a Rainbow Day by getting them this new Rainbow Brite Cycle!

Thanks to Aquarius on the Forums for updating us on these new bikes. If you haven't yet joined our forums, please do!

Some fans may have seen it as a cruel joke that on Christmas eve photos appeared online of the Rainbow Brite Dolls released at Target. But it was no joke.

From a sales clerk at Target: “The dolls just came in on Christmas eve, but we expect more in a few weeks.”

Each store got different dolls. Some got the “10” fashion dolls, but some of only 2 of the 3 girls. Some got the 15” doll too, some ONLY got the 15” doll. Regardless, dear fans....the secret's out. Rainbow Brite is here.

Selling Price:

15" Dolls $19.99 USD

10" Dolls $14.99 USD

Rainbow Brite Toddler DollRainbow Brite Doll Group