To many fans the world of Rainbow Brite is as real as we want it to be. We pull from it's images and stories pieces of our childhood. It has become a part of the real world, our world, though our memories and we cherish them. But for those behind the scenes of Rainbow Brite, they gave much more. They took parts of themselves and put them into the production.

One such person was Rich Rudish.

Art director Rich Rudish was chosen by Hallmark in 1985 to helm the creative team behind “Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer” and later joined DIC Enterprises. He and his team, together with the writer and directors, decided to add several new characters to the Rainbow Brite collection--a process which required development of not only visual images, but personalities as well. “When we create characters,” explains Rudish, “we tend to draw from bits and pieces of people we've come across in our own lives.”


Racing Rainbow Brite and Starlite: A Nyan Cat Parody Animation

Racing Rainbow
What is "Nyan Cat"? Well, Nyan Cat was an 8 bit animated kitty flying through space followed by a rainbow and wearing a poptart. It was posted on a website LOL-Comics on April 2 2011, and later on YouTube with a cute song playing. Later a website was made where you could see how long you could let the animation and song play and tweet your scores. There has since been a lot of parody animations with different things, but to us it screamed "Rainbow Brite".
We made our own animation, removing the pop-tart kitty, and adding Rainbow Brite and Starlite. We hope fans enjoy!
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Have you ever heard of "Girls Drawing Girls"? It's a popular blog where women in the animation and comic industry draw other girls for fun. You may remember the drawing of Rainbow Brite we posted about a few weeks ago done by Brianne Drouhard. She too is part of the group.

This week the group have "Rainbow Brite" as their theme with very positive results.

Here illustrator Katie Shanahan drew our favorite girl.

Katie Shanahan Rainbow Brite

And just so you know, the artist will be selling prints of this piece for those interested.

Also drawn was mischief maker Patty O'Green and her sprite Lucky, by Shannon Finch.

Shannon Finch  Patty OGreen

And the last picture, while a little late is no less spectacular: Rainbow Brite by Chelsea Brown

Rainbow Brite by Chelsea Brown

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NOTE: Chelsea Brown, Shannon Finch & Katie Shanahan illustrations featured with permission.

Potato Farm Girl: Rainbow VS ThorBuzz on the net this week is that the new movie "Thor" has a rainbow bridge in it.


The film, based on the Comic Book, based on the Norse myth, features Bifröst. Bifröst is a burning rainbow bridge that connects the mortal world to Asgard, the world of the gods. The film itself features a lot around this bridge. This has caused a lot of fans to become very excited and making "Rainbow Brite vs. Thor" crossover comparisons.


One of the most cleaver we've seen is by Brianne Drouhard on her "Potato Farm Girl" Blog. Brianne is an animator/artist who has illustrated the "Thor/Rainbow Brite" Crossover in a very fun way. After seeing the films "Thor" and "Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer" she drew the following picture (with Krys and On-x making a cameo) on  Bifröst.

Potato Farm Girl: Rainbow Brite Vs Thor

You can read her thoughts about this and see her art up close here on her blog.

While you are there, take your time to check out her other art and even leave a note with your thoughts!
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NOTE: "Thor" feature film is copyright Paramount Pictures and Marvel Entertainment. Brianne Drouhard illustrations featured with permission.


It's national find a rainbow day again!

What rainbows did you find?

We found this wonderful Rainbow Brite sketch drawn by Studio♥Strawberri's of Flickr!

Find a Rainbow Day Sketch

Studio Strawberri: AKA Diana Jakobsson is from Sweden and began a 365 sketch blog in which the first image was our beloved Rainbow Brite! If you want to see more from this talented artist, please feel free to follow her blog! There is something sweet and new everyday!