A lot of people wonder what happened to "United Media", the license holder who was to produce Rainbow Brite products in 2009/2010. The year started off strong with new dolls, and a few new products, but suddenly disappeared mid summer 2010.

So, what happened?:

Iconix Brand purchased the Peanut's license from United Media. June of 2010, the merger was finalized. All the products used by United Media were then changed to the name "Peanuts World Wide". The website changed titles, but most previous news letters and press releases were still on the Peanuts World Wide site. The team at United Media and at Hallmark did not change, the same people stayed on staff.

In the midst of the merger and the economic changes in the US, Playmate's toys changed much of it's toy products and Rainbow Brite was one of the unfortunate titles cut. The toy company still held the contract with United Media until the end of 2010, so with no toys being produced and still under contract other licensees were sought.

However at the end of 2010 Licenses with United Media/Peanuts World Wide expired for all parties and control was given back to Hallmark. Hallmark is now back in licensing control of the Rainbow Brite toy and products lines. No other news is currently available about what is to come, but we will keep you informed.


In the meantime:

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Current products include (but not limited to):

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Be a Star

Ahora oficial website de Rainbow Brite esta ahora en español.  ¡Vengan a visitar ellas y sus amigos y va aser más divertido de bajo del arcoiris!



English Translation: Official Rainbow Brite website now available in Spanish. Come visit her and her friends for more fun under the rainbow!




Rainbow Brite en Español

This is the same Rainbow Brite site from hallmark with new titles in Spanish. The Rainbow Brite Sing-Along Theme video now has Spanish Subtitles as well.

If you speak Spanish, or want to share this with your Spanish speaking loved ones, please do!

In the last few weeks there has been a flood of NEW Rainbow Brite merchandise for you or your children to own!

1: Dolls: 12 inch Rainbow Brite, Moonglow, Tickled Pink were released at Target, and now Toys R Us.

Target: $14.99 USD each
ToysRUs: $12.99 USD each

Rainbow Brite Doll Group

2: 15 inch Rainbow Brite Doll also at Target and Toys R Us.
Target: $19.99 USD each

ToysRUs: $17.99 USD each

3: Horses: Starlite, Sunriser, and Shimmer were released at Meijer and Toys R Us as well.
Prices: $12.99 USD each

Rainbow Brite Horse Group

These new contemporary designs are great for the new generation of fans, but the older fans have not been forgotten.

3: In the original style art, a Rainbow Brite Junior printed shirt spotted at Walmart:

Available in junior sizes: S, M, L, XL
Price: $7.00 USD each

Rainbow Brite Shirt


4: Classic Rainbow Brite designed dolls from Madame Alexander exclusive to Toys R Us.

This adorable plastic babydoll style Rainbow Brite with blinking eyes, and plush Twink is a fantastic gift for any classic Rainbow Brite collector. 
Price $84.99 USD per set

Rainbow Brite


5: Another Madame Alexander Toys R Us exclusive, a ragdoll Rainbow Brite in her original 1980's style.

Price: $54.99 USD each

Rainbow Brite Rag Doll

Sparkle World 2009Fans in the US and Canada can see Rainbow Brite along side other popular kids character Strawberry Shortcake, Polly Pocket, and My Little Pony in the November/December issue of Sparkle World!

In the issues, there is a drawing to WIN dolls if your child sends in a post card!

If you would like a copy of this magazine, please visit your local news stand and find SPARKLE WORLD from Redan Publishing!


Rainbow Brite Doll Images *courtesy of Playmates Toys

Dolls are due for release SPRING 2010

10” Fashion Dolls – Rainbow Brite and her friends, Tickled Pink and Moonglow have a fresh new look with new fashion. Dolls comes with removable cuffs and rainbow boots for everyday fashion play. 

10” Horses- These colorful horses, Starlite, Shimmer and Sunriser are a companion to Rainbow Brite or one of her friends. Each horse has long beautiful hair that every girl loves. Dolls can ride on horses too! (doll sold separately)  

*Not Pictured* 15” Rainbow Brite- Every girl will want to take their favorite Rainbow Brite doll everywhere she goes. This 15” doll comes with removable cuffs and boots and is all dressed in her signature outfit.

See the history of Rainbow Brite from Mattel to now on Wiki*Brite!

Rainbow Brite Doll Group Rainbow Brite Horse Group