Archived Site/Social Network Updates

January 6th

  • Featured Fan Art: January's Featured Fan Artist is Kuro-Rakuen
  • Rainbow Brite Fan Pride Art: Rainbow Brite Fan Pride Banner! Shared on Facebook and Tumblr
  • NEW Site feature: Reply to articles with FaceBook! While the feature is not set to all articles, you can comment to a few that may interest you to share with your friends on your FaceBook wall

January 28th

  • Rainbow Brite Fan Pride Art: Rainbow Brite Fans: I'll tie a string around your finger so you don't forget *Animated Gif*

February 1st

  • Featured Fan Art:¬†Ryan Gindlesperge and his Last Light art

February 26th

  • Rainbow Land Report:¬†Year End Review (2010/2011)

March 1st

  • Featured Fan Art:¬†crayon-chewer and her Rainbow Brite, Starlite and Twink remake.

March 3rd

  • Voice Actor Interview:Mona Marshall (The voice of Red Butler, Canary Yellow, and Patty O'Green)

March 23rd

  • Fan Fiction Review:¬†Robert Teague‚Äôs Rainbow Brite and the War of Darkness by

April 1st

  • Murky Dismal is up to his old tricks! He turned the website inside out and upside down! (April Fools Day Prank 2012)

April 2nd

  • April's Featured Fan Artist:¬†Hotaru of Deviant Art and her Rainbow Brite, Moonglow, and Stormy Bookmark designs

May 1st

  • Featured Fan Artist Krystal Georgiou

May 17th

  • the Voice of Rainbow Brite herself, Bettina Bush is now on Twitter!

June 1st

  • This month's Featured Fan Art is "Savior of Color" by Kat Ruhl

June 8th

  • Added 6 Classic Rainbow Brite Ads to our gallery!
  • Added a 3d Photo from View Master to our Tumblr!¬†then¬†Added another!

June 15th

  • Did we mention that 3d Pictures were fun?

June 30th

  • Added a cute new feature to Facebook:¬†The Virtual Toy Box.¬†Photos of your favorite toys are added to this album. Share or like those you remember!

July 9th

  • This month's artist is Kuakness and her Rainbow Brite and Starlite!

July 20th

  • RAINBOW TRIVIA:¬†Did you know that the year Rainbow Brite aired it was an Olympic summer?

August 1st

  • August's Rainbow Brite Featured Fan Artist is Beany of Holy Calamity Studios and her Rainbow Brite, Starlite, and Shooting Star!
  • Rainbow Land Giveaway:¬†Win a Twink Mini Backpack by liking our Facebook page and sharing it with others!

August 19th

  • Rainbow Brite Blog Reboot:¬†Rainbow Brite fan and friend Renee' reboots our blog!
  • About:¬†Site FAQ, credits, links sections are cleaned up and updated.

September 1st

  • September's Rainbow Brite Featured Fan Artist is Shubasami of Deviant Art and her Rainbow Brite and Twink!

September 9th

  • Videos:¬†French Theme and Closing Credits added to YouTube.

October 1st

  • October's Rainbow Brite Featured Fan Artist is ChibiTaryn of Deviant Art and her Rainbow Brite Redraw!

October 7th

  • Blog:¬†Newest Blog Entry "The Collector" features collecting tips from a Rainbow Brite Collector.

October 27th: Bettina Bush brings on Christmas a little early with "An American Christmas". Buy your copy on CD Baby, Itunes and Amazon MP3!

October 30th

  • Forums:¬†After 4 years of talking we are re-booting the Forums. All previous discussions have been archived to a new section for you to read.¬†

November 1st

  • November's Rainbow Brite Featured Fan Artist is Lexemon of Deviant Art which features Rainbow Brite and the Color Kids

November 5th

  • Character Catalog:¬†Newest Catalog is Lala Orange!

November 8th

  • More details about "An American Christmas" and the Honor Your Heroes campaign are here!

December 1st

  • This Month's featured Fan Art is Renee Stowe of RainbowBrite.Us and her "Brite Cast" drawing. Drawn in the likeness of Renee and Katy of Brite Cast: The Rainbow Brite Podcast COMING SOON!

December 22nd

  • Character Catalog:¬†Newest Catalog is Indigo

December 30th

  • Music:¬†refreshing the MP3's from the San Diego Zoo Special!