Archived Site/Social Network Updates

January 1st

  • January 2011 Featured Fan Artist: Starpowerrr and her Rainbow Brite and Krys, doe eyed and dreamy!

January 13th

  • Contest: Share the Rainbow: Rainbow Brite Game Contest Begins! Play "Rainbow Rescue" and highest score wins a Rainbow Brite Wristband.

January 28th

  • Product: Available for PRE-Order: Tickled Pink rag doll by Madame Alexander. Beautifully accurate with adorable costume and hand held butterfly. $49.95

February 1st

  • February Featured Fan Artist:¬†Comic artist Jerzy Drozd and his Rainbow Brite warm-up sketch. Nice to see she still inspires!
  • Contest: Share the Rainbow:¬†Rainbow Brite Game Contest: Congratulations to Will and his winning score of 4500 points!

February 22nd

  • NEW Rainbow Brite Download on RainbowBrite.Com!¬†Get the classic 1986 "I'm a Fit Kid" coloring book to download and enjoy!

March 1st

  • March Featured Fan Art:¬†Rainbow Brite and Twink by Cookiepoppet of Deviantart. Beautifully colored and enchanting.

March 3rd

  • Featured:¬†Rainbow Brite Costume by Darkfire Wolfe!

April 1st

  • April Fools Day Prank:our website got a little Murked on April Fools Day! See our prank here.
  • April Featured Fan Art:¬†Starlite by Mariana Corvi of Deviant Art.

April 3rd

  • National Find a Rainbow Day 2011:¬†Rainbow Brite sketch drawn by Studio‚ô•Strawberri's

May 1st

  • May Featured Fan Art:¬†Rainbow Brite and Starlite as drawn by Lyne St-Jules.

May 10th

  • Share the Rainbow:¬†Thor Vs. Rainbow Brite Art and comparison by Brianne Drouhard

May 11th

  • Featured Products:¬†Patty O'Green "Lucky Girl" Glass now available for Online Order from Spencer's Gifts. $6.99 each

May 12th

  • Featured Products:¬†Rainbow Brite "Wish on a Star" Tee available for kids from Old Navy $10.94

May 17th

  • Featured Products:¬†Classic Rainbow Brite Throw available for Online Order from Spencer's Gifts! $19.99

May 26th

  • Featured Products:¬†Classic Rainbow Brite Tee Shirt and Water Bottle available from Spencer's Gifts!
  • Audio Book:¬†Rainbow Brite and the Blue Lake Story added to Archive with Video added to YouTube!

May 30th

  • Social Site Purge: Unused/defunct Social Networks have been purged from our links. The RB.Co.Uk MySpace, Live Journal, Yahoo Groups Update page, etc. Please see our other available links for current Social Site use.

June 1st

  • June Featured Fan Art:Rainbow Brite drawn by AmarineCraft of DeviantArt

June 3rd

  • Share the Rainbow:¬†Popular group Girls Drawing Girls have taken on Rainbow Brite as their muse!

June 10th

  • Multi Media:Added the Rainbow Brite Theme in French!

June 11th

  • Multi Media:¬†Added Rainbow Brite Theme Song in Swedish!

June 18th

  • FanArt Video:Racing Rainbow: A Nyan Cat Parody.

June 27th

  • Added New Section:¬†Behind the Scenes
  • Behind the Scenes:¬†Added Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer Press Kit

July 6th

  • Behind the Scenes:¬†Meet By Jingo and Miamore, the Arabian Horses Starlite and Sunriser were modeled after!

July 14th

  • Featured Fan Art:Rainbow Brite by Katie "Toast" D.

July 21st

  • Featured Product:¬†Rainbow Brite Air Freshener at Spencer's Gifts $2.99

August 1st

  • Featured Fan Art:¬†My Little Pony Style CUTE Starlite by CrabofDoom of DeviantArt!
  • Share the Rainbow:¬†Share YOUR Rainbows!

August 4th

  • Featured Product:Rainbow Brite Slippers at Spencer's Gifts $19.99

August 18th

  • Music:¬†Updated MP3's of¬†Paint a Rainbow¬†and¬†Christmas¬†Albums

August 25th

  • Fan Art: Custom Dolls:¬†Updated custom dolls created by Jazzy Creations!

August 22nd

  • Share the Rainbow:¬†Having a Rainbow Brite "Back to School" Give-away on our facebook page this week!

September 1st

  • Featured Fan Art:¬†September's featured Fan Art is called "Color of the 80's" by artist Robin E Kaplan.

September 2nd

  • Featured Product:Spencer's Gifts: The "Rainbow Brite" Mini Backpack! On Sale online for ONLY $9.99! (Regular Price $19.99)

September 27th

  • Featured Product:¬†Tickled Pink Rag-doll now available.

September 30th:

  • Featured Costume:¬†Moonglow Costume (2009 version) by Cassie Rose

October 1st

  • Featured Fan Art:¬†October's Featured Fan Artist Elaine Snowden

October 23rd

  • Featured Product:Spencer's Gifts: The "Twink Sprite" Mini Backpack!¬†and Glasses and Cinch back pack with Rainbow Brite and Twink.

November 8th

  • Featured Fan Art:¬†November's Featured Fan Artist is Hinoraito of Deviant Art

November 21st

  • Site Contest:¬†Bettina Bush Christmas CD Single Giveaway

November 30th

  • Photo Gallery:¬†We've been updating the photo gallery descriptions and working on products.

December 1st

  • Featured Fan Art:¬†December's Featured Fan Artist is Allie Hilditch

December 5th

  • Site Contest:¬†Bettina Bush Christmas CD Single Giveaway Winners: Alicia Kuhnau (1st place) and Tara Lynn (2nd place)

December 10th

  • YouTube Archive:¬†Added Macy's Parade¬†1984¬†and¬†1985¬†Rainbow Brite Sightings and¬†Puppy Brite Commercial¬†to YouTube!
  • Multi Media:¬†Added Rainbow Brite and Me "Thanksgiving" Parade edition
  • Product:¬†The Rainbow Brite Starlite pillow is now online to order from Spencer's Gifts! Price: $29.99

December 16th

  • YouTube Archive:¬†A Show of Hands Jingle Bells performance added