Archived Site/Social Network Updates

January 1st

  • Featured FanArtist: "Chibi" Rainbow Brite by Landesfes

January 3rd

  • Featured Costume: Twink by Moogle! See how this cosplayer achieved this cuddly look

January 9th

  • 4 new Rainbow Brite short Webisodes on RainbowBrite.Com! Get a closer look at Rainbow Brite, Moonglow, Tickled Pink, and the NEW Rainbow Land!

January 12th

  • Keeping with their promise to provide classic designs, the Madame Alexander Rainbow Brite Doll + Twink. (Thanks to Aquarius for the heads up!)

January 18th

  • Featuring Fan Art/Custom Doll: Krys by Tom-sprite

January 27th

  • Rainbow Brite Products page added to www.RainbowBrite.Com

February 1st

  • February 2010's Featured FanArtist: Rainbow Brite by Kiminess of DeviantArt!

February 7th

  • Share the Rainbow:¬†Note from a former Rainbow Brite mom

February 18th

  • MomTalkRadio speaks w/ Hallmark about Rainbow Brite and their move forward with a new contemporary design
  • February Product Update:¬†Dolls, Shirts, and more!

February 25th

  • Review:Rainbow Rescue Game Review

March 1st

  • March Featured Fan Art:¬†"Happy Rainbow Easter" by Glittercandy of DeviantArt.
  • New Voice Actor Interview:¬†Scott Menville, Brian of Rainbow Brite.

March 3rd

  • United Media News Letter:SaraMax has signed on to do girl‚Äôs sleepwear for Rainbow Brite

March 13th

  • NEW Site Section:¬†Rainbow Brite PC Downloads: Features AIM Icons, Wallpapers and more!
  • PC Download:¬†Download the Classic "Rainbow Brite" style font. Great for art!

March 15th

  • Rainbow Brite Nick Jr Archive
  • Rainbow Brite Game:¬†Catch the Falling Stars
  • New Rainbow Brite Product:¬†Rainbow Brite Bike at ToysRUs Canada!

March 30th

  • Featuring Ebay Auction:¬†Custom Rainbow Brite Dolls by Jazzy Creations for Sale on Ebay

April 1st

  • April Featured Fan Art:¬†"Rainbow Brite Tribute" by JoeyAngel of DeviantArt

April 3rd

  • It's National "Find a Rainbow Day!" Share your Rainbows!

April 4th

  • Rainbow Brite Easter Wraps:¬†Download and print fun Easter images from Rainbow Brite.

April 19th

  • MultiMedia:¬†Rainbow Brite Commercial 2004 on RainbowBriteCoUk YouTube Channel!

May 1st

  • May Featured Fan Art:¬†Redesigned "Rainbow Brite" , "Color Kids" and "Friends" by CWModels of DeviantArt.

May 21st

  • FanArt/Music:¬†New Rainbow Brite and Me Cover by Helen Brockway (Indigomoonshadow of YouTube)

May 26th

  • Product:¬†New Rainbow Brite Bike by Kent for US Fans

May 31st

  • New Site Section:¬†How to
  • How to:¬†Clean a Starlite Plush

June 1st

  • June Featured Fan Art:¬†Lolita Shy Violet and Canary Yellow by Karnella of DeviantArt!

June 2nd

  • United Media Press Release:¬†More Classic Rainbow Brite coming to @Target See Spot Save!

June 3rd

  • How to:¬†Clean a 10in Patty O'Green Doll

June 7th

  • Wiki*Brite:¬†Mattel Page added with new information about Moonglow from her creator

June 15th

  • Updated Jazzy Creations Galleries of Custom Dolls. Added:¬†Sprites¬†&¬†Custom Characters

June 20th

  • Added Downloadable PDF Scans of¬†Mattel Doll Catalogs for Rainbow Brite, Starlite, Red Butler, Murky Dismal and "World of Rainbow Brite"

June 22nd

  • Release date¬†for Target's See.Spot.Save. Rainbow Brite items:¬†July 11th!

June 28th

  • Added & tagged 1000+¬†Rainbow Brite episode screencaps to site Photo Gallery!

July 1st

  • July Featured Fan Art:¬†"Rainbow Land" by Loverofpiggies of DeviantArt

July 6th

  • Classic Rainbow Brite Designed items spotted @Target. Only $1 and a great way to Share the Rainbow!

July 20th

  • Official Rainbow Brite website now available in Spanish! Conoce a Rainbow Brite!

July 23rd

  • STR:¬†Comic-Con Rainbow Brite Poster Give-away!

July 26th

  • Featured Costume:¬†Indigo Costume by Kawaiinekochi

 August 1st

  • August Featured Fan Art:¬†Diana Contreras Rivera (SHIRA5 of Deviant Art) and her version of Rainbow Brite and Twink.

August 10th

  • 600+ Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer Screencaps uploaded to Classic Photo Gallery.

August 16th

  • New Product Spotlight:¬†Rainbow Brite Color Wonder pages by Crayola!

August 29th

  • Added Comment Feature to site:¬†Now you can comment on select articles/photos and more! Tell others what you think of pictures, features or whatever you would like!¬†(NOTE:¬†all comments are subject to review before made public)

August 30th

  • YouTube Video for "Rainbow Brite in Rainbow Land" uploaded

September 1st

  • September Featured Fan Artist:¬†Mary Cagle and her Rainbow Brite and Twink Logo! See more of her art on her web comic Kiwi Blitz!

September 3rd

  • New Product Spotlight:¬†Rainbow Brite Pajama's and sleepwear at Target!

September 20th

  • Rainbow Brite Coloring Book Archive:¬†Rainbow Brite: A Coloring Book Added to archive

September 21st

  • Rainbow Brite Coloring Book Archive: Rainbow Brite and her Special Friend¬†Coloring Book¬†and¬†Audio Book¬†added to archive

September 27th

  • New Product Spotlight:¬†Rainbow Brite Pajama's and sleepwear also on

October 1st

  • October Featured Fan Artist:E.P. (Maahs of DeviantArt) and their Rainbow Brite drawing/painting

October 3rd

  • Featured Costume: :Rainbow Brite Color Kids Costume Group! Sisters Christie and Robyn interview about this fun Halloween treat!

October 6th

  • Featured Costume:¬†Rainbow Brite Costume by Ashley S. McCormick as seen at the San Diego Comic Con 2010.

October 20th

  • STR:¬†Rainbow Brite Coloring Contest Teaser: Do you like to color?

November 1st

  • November Featured Fan Artist:¬†An adorable impish Patty O'Green and Lucky Sprite by Jasartist of DeviantArt

November 4th

  • Contest:¬†Rainbow Brite Coloring Contest: Enter to win a 2010 Rainbow Brite Poster!

November 26th

  • Featured Products:¬†Rainbow Brite Snugglie Body Blankets, Clock, and Character Pint Glasses at Spencer's! Most items found in stores but some are available online!

November 28th

  • Featured Products:¬†Rainbow Brite Bikes by Kent now at Target for $89.99 - $99.99

December 1st

  • December Featured Fan Artist:¬†A very realistic and shining Rainbow Brite by Hezaa of DeviantArt

December 3rd

  • Voice Actor Feature:Knuffle Bunny: A Cautionary Tale comes to life with the help of composer Michael Silversher.

December 15th

  • Contest:¬†Rainbow Brite Coloring Contest Winners! Lily, Ciara, Michelle, and Adrena!
  • Photo Gallery Update:¬†Coloring Contest Entries! See the entries here!

December 21st

  • Photo Gallery Update:¬†3 Classic Italian Rainbow Brite ads added.

December 24th

  • Christmas Special:¬†Rainbow Brite short holiday greeting video to share with others uploaded to¬†Facebook¬†and¬†YouTube.

December 26th

  • Featured Product:¬†New Short Sleeve Rainbow Brite 2 peice PJ set at Target and $12.99