Updates Archive 2009

January 04 2009

  • ¬†Front Page, Character Profiles, Glossary, Facts/Theory, FAQ, Credits

January 11 2009

  • Layout, Music: Album Covers, VHS Stories, Episode Guide, Mistakes, Fan Facts, Added Guestbook


January 15 2009

  • MultiMedia: Coloring Pages

January 20 2009

  • Layout: Custom background By RB.Co.Uk (Inspired by sheet music provided by RainbowBrite.net)
  • Television Show: Voice Actor News: Bettina's 2009 Interview, Episode Guide, Friend Profiles, Facts/Theory, Star Stealer Summary
  • MultiMedia: Coloring Pages,¬†
  • Products: 1980 Toys, DVD/VHS, Misc

January 28 2009

  • Added Link Exchange, Featured Products

February 01 2009

  • MultiMedia: Rainbow Land Craft Corner, Fan Art, Fan Art Contest Announced, StoryBooks, Music Demos Mp3s
  • Television Show: Episode Guide: Closing Credits

February 06 2009

  • Multimedia: MP3's available for Paint a Rainbow in your Heart and Christmas Albums

February 08 2009

  • MultiMedia: Lyrics and MP3s for Specials, Movies, and US Themes available
  • FanArt: Added Non-Contest Fan Art

February 10 2009

  • MultiMedia: Color Pages from Annuals added, Holiday Cards and Valentines added, StoryBook Movies updated
  • FanArt: First Contest Poll Posted

February 15 2009

  • Updated FanArt Contest Rules

February 17 2009

  • FanArt Contest # 1 Closed, FanArt Contest #2 Open, Updated Contest Rules

February 23 2009

  • Television Show: Updated Friends Profiles, Updated Locations¬†
  • MultiMedia: Posted FanArt February Entries #1

February 27 2009

Updated FanArt Contest #1 gallery. Seperated FanArt and Contest Galleries

March 11 2009

  • NEW German Story Tape MP3's available!
  • Music: Rainbow Brite and Me Karaoke

March 19 2009

  • Updated March FanArt Contest entries (2)

March 22 2009 

  • Updated March FanArt Contest Entries (1), Featured FanArt Updated

April 05 2009

  • About: Updated About Site, Links Exchange, Added Links page
  • Brite News: "Site News" Renamed to "Brite News"
  • MultiMedia: Added "Rainbow Brite and the Color Kids" story
  • Television Show:¬†Specials: Added Live Action section, and Full Credits for each Special
  • Voice Actors: Added Voice Actors Section with Cast Lists in English, French, German, and Italian

April 12 2009

  • MultiMedia:¬†Rainbow Land Craft Corner: Episode 1 "Happy Easter"
  • FanArt Contest: Gallery Updated, Rules revised adding FAQ
  • FanArt: April Featured Fan Art

April 15 2009

  • NEW product information released!

April 23 2009

  • Voice Actors: Message from Bettina to the fans of Rainbow Brite
  • MultiMedia:
  • FanArt Contest April Entries: Moonglow, Patty O'Green, and Baby Brite
  • Prizes: Autographed CD's from Bettina

April 30 2009

  • Updated Site Logo to 25th Anniversary
  • MultiMedia: Updated Fan Art Contest April¬†
  • Products: NEW German DVD Released May 7th (FSK Age 6+)

May 04 2009

  • MultiMedia: Updated Fan Art Contest, Updated Featured Fan Art

May 12 2009

  • Contacts: Registered Social Sites for updates
  • Voice Actor news: Pat Fraley Profile Updated with 2009 Interview
  • TVShow: Specials: Updated "Star Stealer's" review with Pat Fraley Trivia
  • MultiMedia: Updated YouTube with "Rainbow Report" and "FanArt Feature"

May 17 2009

  • MultiMedia:¬†Renamed "Craft Corner" to "Fan Works"
  • Added Rainbow Land Productions for all Craft Corner and Report Productions.
  • Added Fan Audio section for all fan created Rainbow Brite music and audio productions.
  • Per Linda Jean (AKA Babydoll) permission I have added Custom Dolls Section, Gallery and Tutorials, archiving her old site information along with new updates. If YOU have any customs to add to the gallery, please contact us!
  • Also added Anatomy of a Rainbow Brite Doll, for collectors and custom information.

June 07 2009

  • News: Rainbow Brite and Friends Images Released.
  • MultiMedia :
  • Updated Fan Art Contest (May), Added Featured Artist (June)
  • Updated Custom Dolls: added Holiday Collection, and other dolls

June 13 2009

  • Contact Us: Guestbook removed, spam filter added to "Contact" form
  • About: Site: Added RainbowBrite.Us to footer and about as it directs to RainbowBrite.Co.Uk for content.

June 16 2009

  • Products: Added 1997 Dolls, Contact: Social Sites: Added Facebook Link

June 17 2009

  • New Press Release from United Media regarding new license and toys. Two designs?!

June 28 2009

  • Site Updates: Ran a spell check on whole site
  • TV Show: Characters: Added more Friends and Villains

July 01 2009

  • Updated FanArt Contest and Featured Fan Art.¬†
  • NOTE: FanArt contest is taking a summer break but will return with more art soon!

July 02 2009

  • Rainbow Brite Toys to be released by Companies: Toys R Us, Target, and K-mart (so far)

July 07 2009 

  • Toys R Us to release exclusive toys for new toy line!


August 23

  • Updated the whole site with a new layout
  • Launched Wiki*Brite, A Rainbow Brite Wiki, and am currently archiving profiles, trivia, glossary, and other information to it.

September 2nd 

  • Featured Fan Artist:¬†Rainbow Brite by Tarale

September 22

  • Posted a few¬†classic Rainbow Brite ads¬†for you to enjoy

September 29th

  • Costume Feature:¬†Rainbow Brite Costume artist Akuriko

October 1

  • October's Featured Fan Artist is "CookiePoppet" on DeviantArt.

October 4th

  • Costume Feature:¬†Rainbow Brite Costumes Worn By Katy Cartee Haile

October 5th

  • Official¬†www.RainbowBrite.Com¬†launched featuring webisodes, a new theme song and fun stuff for you to download and play with.

October 9th

  • Costume Feature:¬†The Dark Princess Costume by Darcy

October 12th

  • 2009 Rainbow Brite Doll images Courtesy of Playmates Toys Posted

October 15

  • Wiki*Brite:¬†Due to Popular Demand: The history of Rainbow Brite Dolls from Mattel to Playmates Toys on¬†Wiki*Brite!

October 18

  • Sparkle World Magazine features Rainbow Brite, Strawberry Shortcake, My Little Pony and others this month! Purchase the magazine to find out how to win dolls!

October 27

  • Costume Feature:¬†"Lolita" Style Rainbow Brite Costume by ParnsAngel!

November 1st

  • November Featured Fanart:FanArtist Hayley the Hedgie
  • Costume Feature:Cosplayer Kat Ingersoll as Rainbow Brite

November 9th

  • Costume Feature:¬†LaLa Orange by JS Silvan.

November 16th

  • Story Book Archive:¬†Happy Birthday Twink Audio book/video added.

November 23rd

  • Story Book Archive:¬†Rainbow Brite Saves the Day Audio book/video added

December 1st

  • December Featured FanArtist:¬†pixelledanddead and her "Rainbow and Stars" Design.¬†

December 7th

  • Rainbow Brite Theme for Guitar Hero¬†Available for download!

December 10th

  • United Media Rainbow Brite Article¬†gives a slight closer look at the ideas behind the redesign.¬†

December 26th

  • 2009 Rainbow Brite Dolls @ Target! ¬†Dolls where released on Christmas Eve 2009 to many fans surprise!