Frequently Asked Questions
About this site:

Who maintains www.RainbowBrite.Co.Uk and RainbowBrite.Us?

The domain www.RainbowBrite.Co.Uk is registered to SunSpire, and the domain www.RainbowBrite.Us is registered to Reneé Stowe. We consider the web site a group effort of all Rainbow Brite fans and welcome all contributions. We request that you respect all users and not contact us about personal or private issues not related to Rainbow Brite or the web site.
Enjoy the site! Enjoy the information, images, and share your own history with us on our message boards.

The site claims to be around since 2002. Why don't I remember it?

Elements of the website have been around since 2002 but under other domains. SunSpire first began his domain hosting the German Rainbow Brite audio tapes back in 2002. Since we still host those today, and the domain is registered to SunSpire, then the content has been posted by him since 2002. The website as you know it now has been around since 2008.

Is this site part of is one of the oldest run Rainbow Brite fan-sites on the net and is maintained by Katy Cartee Haile. Between the two web sites you will notice we all love Rainbow Brite and together we help keep her memory alive. Our mutual meeting ground is the Message Board forums that we share.

I see Rainbow Brite Customs on this web site that I would like to buy! Who can I contact?

The Custom Dolls and other creations that are fan-made on this site are created by their artists. The only artist currently taking orders on customs is Jazzy Creations. You can see her profile and contact information here.

I see a collectible on this web site that I would like to buy! How much do you want for it?

The collectibles seen on this web site are not for sale. Their photos are here for archival and informational purposes. Most vintage 1980's collectible are found on eBay. We recommend you check there for collectibles

Where did you get the pieces of your collection?

Parts that aren't originally personally ours from childhood were gotten from eBay auctions, thrift stores,  and the kindness of friends and family that fuel our hobby.