TV Press Kit Cover In the beginning there were 3 Rainbow Brite Television specials. The production companies released a kit to the press to get the word out about the Rainbow to soon come their way! The press kit included 5 Documents, sample graphics, and 4 Lobby Cards inside a nice color folder featuring the beautifully painted scene from Peril in the Pits.

Like the movie press kit, a lot of people have not seen these outside of the press or those lucky to have a copy in their private collections. Wanting to share this with others, we have a copy of the kit available here for fans to see. We have scanned the original document to PDF and scanned the pictures and included them in the following Zip file.

The zip includes:

  • The 5 Press release documents on Rainbow Brite Stationary
  • 4 Black and White Lobby Cards
  • 2 Graphic Article/Advertisement samples
  • 1 Color Cover Art

What are in the 5 documents:

  1. Cast and Credits list: [2 Documents/ 3 Pages] This list includes all the cast, producers, and production information found in the closing credits.
  2. Episode Essays: [2 Documents/ 2 Pages each] Essays RAINBOW BRITE OFFERS MORE THAN ACTION & ADVENTURE and THE THREE ADVENTURES OF RAINBOW BRITE on original Rainbow Brite Stationary
  3. Short Article Samples : [1 Document/4 Pages] Short Article Samples, 4 pages total which gave a sample articles for the episodes on original Rainbow Brite Stationary

How to Download this File: Right Click this link and save as.

We hope fans enjoy reading these!

Have a Rainbow Day!